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EPISODE 18: RECRUITMENT * KEY WORDS AND PHRASES: 1.recruit (v) 招募 recruit (n) 新進人員= newcomer recruitment (n) 招募 ex. internal recruitment external recruitment 2. trial period (n) 試用期= probation ex. be under trial period/probation 3. trainee (n) 受訓者 4. intern (n) 實習生= apprentice 5. orientation (n) 新進員工訓練 (新生訓練) orientate (v) 找方向 ex. on-job training, on-site training 6. hands-on experience實際經驗= real-world experience ex. experience in a corporate setting * KEY SENTENCES: 1. In most cases, the personnel department conducts an internal recruitment first. If no suitable applicant is found, an external recruitment will follow. 在大多數情況下, 人事部會先進行內部招募, 如果沒有找到適當人選, 就會做外部招募. 2. I’m very sorry, since the economy isn’t doing so well, our firm has stopped all recruitment processes. 很抱歉, 由於經濟不景氣, 我們公司目前已暫停所有招募的程序. 3. A: How’s the new recruit doing? 新來的人表現如何? B: He’s doing alright, but he’s still under probation. 還可以, 不過他試用期還沒結束 A: What about those trainees in the accounting department? 會計部的那些受訓者呢? B: As they’ve no real-world experiences in a corporate setting, they still have lots to learn. 因為他們沒有實際工作經驗, 所以還有很多要學呢! 4. Are you fresh graduates from college? Are you having trouble finding a job you like because of a lack of experience? We at Top Inc. welcome all young college graduates to apply for our training program. We provide not only orientation but also on-site training on a weekly basis. So while you get hands-on experience in a corporate setting, you’re also getting paid. Not only that, after you finish all required training, you can apply for full-time positions from us right away. 你是剛畢業的學生嗎? 因為缺乏經驗找不到你喜歡的工作嗎? Top Inc. 歡迎所有大學剛畢業的新鮮人來申請參加我們的訓練課程. 我們不只提供新進員工訓練, 還提供每周在公司裡舉辦的員工訓練. 所以你可以一邊接受訓練還一邊領薪水! 不只如此, 你完成訓練課程後, 你可以馬上應徵我們的正職職位喔!

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