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EPISODE 23: MARKETING 行銷 * KEY WORDS AND PHRASES: 1. market (v) 販售, 行銷 marketing (n) 行銷 ex. marketing strategy 2. distribute (v) 分發, 分配= hand out distribution (n) 分布, 經銷ex. distribution right, exclusive distribution distributor (n) 經銷商 ex. direct distributor 3. channel (n) 通路= outlet ex. distribution channel, e-commerce physical channel/outlet virtual channel/outlet 4. launch (v) 開始…., 發表, 產品上市= introduce, present, release launch (n) 產品發表會 5. campaign (n) (廣告/競選) 宣傳活動 ex. launch a campaign 6. publicity (n) 曝光度 ex. public relation, corporate image, brand loyalty, * KEY SENTENCES: 1. Multi-Mobile has just released the latest model of their smartphone series, X-Man 3500. At the launch, CEO, Mark Strongman, pointed out the rising importance of e-commerce, and therefore, they will be selling their latest model through virtual channels for the first time in the company’s history. Moreover, a new campaign is said to be launched starting this week, led by the head of the public relation department, to promote publicity for the new product and build brand loyalty. Multi-Mobile 剛發表了他們智慧型手機系列的最新機型X-Man 3500. 在發表會上,CEO Mark Strongman 指出電子商務重要性日益增加, 因此, 他們將破天荒首次透過虛擬通路來銷售最新的機型. 除此之外, 據說將會從這周開始新的宣傳活動, 由公關部門主管帶領, 來增加新產品曝光度以及建立品牌忠誠度. 2. Thank you all for attending today’s conference at such short notice. As you may well know, our market share has been shrinking over the last year due to foreign competition. Therefore, I’ve called for this meeting to go over our marketing strategy and distribution channels. As we have a full agenda, let’s jump right in! 感謝大家一接到通知就來參加今天的會議. 如同你們可能已經知道的, 因為外來的競爭, 我們的市佔率在過去的一年裡不斷縮小. 因此, 我今天召開這個會議來討論我們的行銷策略以及通路. 有很多東西要討論, 我們馬上開始吧! 贊助連結:

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