EP 3 衝浪必備物品 Essential Surfing Equipment

衝浪雙椒 Surfing Sisterhood Taiwan
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Daisy 跟 Cindy 分享衝浪板之外,缺一不可的衝浪必備物品,包含腳繩子、防曬、防寒衣等。節目當中將介紹她們必備物品的選擇及使用喜好原因。本集內容同時分享防曬選擇注意事項,讓大家一起長知識,趕快聽起來。最後,記得幫我們寫Review或語音留言給我們哦。 ❤️ Daisy and Cindy talk about essential surfing equipment other than the board in this episode, including leash, sun protection methods, wetsuit and more. Meanwhile, they share with the audience their choice of equipment and reasons behind them. Furthermore, this episode is filled with knowledgeable sunscreen facts. Lastly, Daisy and Cindy would love to see your review about their podcast or leave them a voice message. ❤️ IG 追蹤衝浪雙椒/ Follow Surfing Sisterhood Taiwan on Instagram: 大家在購買防曬時,要避免含有oxybenzone & octinoxate 成分的產品喔。Avoid sunscreen products with these two ingredients to help protect the ocean: oxybenzone and octinoxate. 覺得這篇防曬相關撰寫很不錯,提供給大家參考。「友善海洋防曬真的友善?理解市面上的防曬選擇」: #衝浪雙椒 #SurfingSisterhoodTaiwan #DaisyandCindy ———————————————————————————————————— Daisy和Cindy是兩位充滿熱情的浪人。相似的童年背景及個性,讓她們2017年第一次相遇就成為超要好的姊妹。加入Daisy和Cindy了解她們的衝浪故事、知識、衝浪術語及更多有趣的內容! Daisy在美國加州和台灣長大,目前從事公關和活動相關工作。Cindy在以色列、加拿大和台灣長大,是個斜槓freelancer及英文老師。她們於2017年開始固定衝浪。 Daisy and Cindy are passionate surfers from Taiwan. With similar background and personality, they became close friends in 2017. Join them to learn about their surf stories, knowledge, surf terms and more! Daisy grew up in the US and Taiwan and is now working in PR & event. Cindy grew up in Israel, Canada, and Taiwan and is now working as freelancer and English teacher. They started surfing regularly since 2017. --- Send in a voice message:

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