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【Lavish Wonderland】| Music | New Songs 2020 Sit back and relax It’s time to enter The wonderland of your dreams 坐下來,放鬆心情 一起夢遊仙境 ------------------------------------- 【Lavish Wonderland】 A1: Trust in me Close your eyes Were going on an interstellar ride A storybook Old as rhyme Where nothings bound by space or time Before you know It unfolds Tales and wonders never told Here we are Off we go Into the looking glass B1: So wipe that frown off your face As we stroll down memory lane Although you’ve been here before Somehow you don’t know what’s in store Its clear you want to stay But you’ll come to any day So before we part our ways I give you my wonderland A2: Take my hand As we soar Over burning sands And pyramids There’s a world You will see What you wish your life would be Tonight’s the night, to take flight Over stars and city lights It’s for you and for me Where we will belong B2: The clouds will part for us As we glimpse the land below Where boys and girls alike Live in paradise Adventure waits for you Everyday is something new You wont ever want to leave Come and join us you will see B3: Imagine if we could Take those places in our minds And pray with all of our hearts To make our dreams come true I know you’ll want to stay We will make it, come what may Then forever you will be In our lavish wonderland. ------------------------------------- Hey guys, hope you enjoyed the song :) Attached below is the Chinese version of the song if you’re interested And remember Never lose our sense of imagination and wonder They are the lens that we may perceive the world’s beauty :) ------------------------------------- ~~Follow me~~ Facebook: Youtube: Twitter: Instagram:

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