Ep14- Our Times - Do you know I am ok means I am not ok!

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You are listening to PopC’ul - a podcast to expose the true Chinese culture with references from tv dramas or films. You may have heard of this Taiwanese film before, we are sharing our immediate thoughts after watching ‘Our Times’, 「我的少女時代」,stars Darren Wang (王大陸) and Vivian Sung(宋芸樺), with special appearances of Joe Chen(陳喬恩), Jerry Yan (言承旭)and Andy Lau (劉德華). It is a romantic comedy film that is about Lin Truly and Hsu Tai-yu’s retro love story. In our opinion, this is one of the best Taiwanese romantic film in recent year and this film took a big success in Asia, including Japan and South Korea. If you are in to Chinese romantic story like we do, this is a must-watch for you! Start watching it and come back after! We also really enjoy the theme song of ‘A Little Happiness’ 「小幸運」,by Hebe 田馥甄,so we made our version of it!Enjoy! From this week onwards, we are gonna share one classic mandarin song for you guys! Check out our Facebook @PopC’ul and instagram @ popcul2020 for more info!

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