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EPISODE 27: JOB REQUIREMENTS (2) * KEY WORDS AND PHRASES: 1. degree (n) 學位 ex. have a degree in N, bachelor degree (BA), master degree (MA), doctoral degree (Ph. D) 2. diploma (n) 文憑, 學位證書 3. certificate (n) 證照 4. word processing 文書處理 ex. Software packaging, programming 5. report to 人, 隸屬在…人之下, 主管是…. 6. supervise (v) 監督, 督導, 負責= be in charge of supervisor (n) 主管 * KEY SENTENCES: 1. Seek front desk receptionist. Bellcom is looking for an energetic receptionist to join our growing team. A bachelor degree is a must. Proficiency in word processing software and strong communication skills are also required. Prior experience is preferred. Responsibilities include answering and transferring phone calls, scheduling meetings and general assistance with documents and in the office. Report to personnel supervisor. To apply, visit 徵櫃台總機人員. Bellcom在找尋一位有活力的人來加入我們日漸茁壯的團隊. 必備大學學位, 精通文書處理軟體, 且有良好的溝通技巧. 有先前工作經驗尤佳. 職責包含接聽與轉接來電, 安排會議, 文件以及辦公室內事務的協助. 隸屬於人事部主管之下. 欲應徵, 請上 2.Administrative assistant wanted in a small engineering firm. The ideal candidates are required to have a degree in accounting and be proficient with software packaging. Certificates in relative fields a plus. Duties include handling phone calls, receiving customers, in charge of document management, and providing assistance to the office manager. Applications open till December 12th. For more information, please visit our website www. 小型工程公司徵求行政助理. 理想的應徵者需具備會計學位, 精通套裝軟體. 有相關領域的證照尤佳. 職責包含接聽來電, 接待客戶, 負責文件管理, 並協助辦公室經理. 應徵到12/12 截止. 更多資訊, 請上我們的網站. 贊助連結:

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