From IoT to AIoT: What is the Next Step of IEI?

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The IoT was first introduced in 1999. As technology advances, AI technology has now been combined with IoT. Coupled with 5G development, AIoT will surely become a development indicator in the future. It’s glad to invite our senior vice president of RD, Kenny Jan, to talk about IoT. Interview including medical IoT application, the IEI's role in the application development process, and the next step of IEI for IoT. IEI has more than 20 years of experience in ODM. IEI can provides good bridging design for different application needs. And because each customer has its own preferences, so even these projects are in the same field, we can base on what the customer wants to emphasize to optimize the design. ◎More Information IEI Official Website: IEI Member Zone: ◎Follow IEI IEI Live: Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn:

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