Ep.3 Christmas Movies

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❶ Intro Everyone knows the true story of Christmas. It’s the story of a boy wanted a BB gun...What’s that? That’s just A Christmas Story, not the Christmas story? Oh. Well in that case it’s the story of Will Ferrell except he was raised by elves and…Wait. That’s not it either? Huh? It’s about the birth of Jesus Christ? Really? When did that movie come out? Who’s in it? There a lot of Christmas movies out there. Listen to Marni and Devan talk about a few of their favorites. ❷ Dialogue Marni: Do you go to see Christmas movies this time of year? Do you get inspired by ‘em? Devan: The last Christmas movie to come out that I liked was Elf. Marni: Me too! I loved Elf! Devan: I loved Elf. I could see that being a classic that I watch every year, like Christmas Story. That’s my all time favorite Christmas movie. But, like, most of my old staples for Christmas movies are like Charlie Brown Christmas, A Christmas Story, It’s a Wonderful Life. I don’t really watch new ones so much except for Elf. Marni: Elf was great. It’s a Wonderful Life is a classic. It’s a family tradition and we always watch it on Christmas Eve. I love that film. But Elf was great. It was just hilarious and you know, Christmas Story was also hilarious. Devan: I watch that every year. They have the 24-hour marathon. Marni: Yup. 24 hours. That’s great. So this year Fred Claus is out, I haven’t seen that yet..yeah, that’s kinda… Devan: That looks terrible! Marni: Well, it’s a got a great cast! I do love Paul Giarnatti and Vince Vaughn. Devan: Have you seen other Christmas movies besides Elf? Marni: I haven’t, but it’s kind of interesting, it seems like there’s quite a few out that have just sort of escaped under the radar, but this is always the big time of year. Devan: I keep seeing previews for that movie with Queen Latifa in it, the new, um, holiday movie. The Perfect Holiday. I keep seeing previews for that. Marni: Yes, yes, a little feelgood number. Devan: But I just don’t know if any of these new ones will stand the test of time like those old ones have. Marni: Exactly. ❸ Discussion Devan says that the only new Christmas movie she likes is Elf. Marni likes it too. They agree that it’s a classic alongside It’s a Wonderful Life, which Marni’s family watches every year. Marni and Devan try to think of another recent Christmas movie that they like, but it’s hard for them to do. Neither really wants to see Fred Claus, although Marni likes some of the actors in it. The Perfect Holiday looks pretty good, but Marni and Devan just aren’t sure if they can think of anything people will still be watching in 20 years. What’s your favorite Christmas movie? ❹ Quiz ⒈ Which movie does Marni’s family watch every year? ❶ A Christmas Story ❷ It’s a Wonderful Life ✓ ❸ Fred Claus ❹ Elf ⒉ When does Devan watch A Christmas Story? ❶ Christmas Eve ❷ after a race ❸ before the Boston Marathon ❹ during the 24-hour marathon ✓ ⒊ Marni says The Perfect Holiday looks like… ❶ instant classic. ❷ ...a feelgood number. ✓ ❸ ...terrible.

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