*第三季*【EP. 55】#330 經濟學人新聞評論【美中台三方、中共軍機、美國新任國防部長奧斯丁上將、美日安保條約、半導體晶片、德國汽車製造商、福斯集團、德國對華政策、越南共產黨、中越關係、反華情緒】

每日一經濟學人 LEON x The Economist
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🔴Monday January 25th 2021 🔵2021年1月25日星期一 1️⃣US feat. Taiwan & Japan v. China 美國 feat. 台灣 & 日本 vs. 中國 Tensions rose between China and America, after Chinese air-force planes flew into Taiwan’s air-defence zone on consecutive days over the weekend. The Biden administration reaffirmed its commitment not just to Taiwan, but also to Japan; Lloyd Austin, the new defence secretary, said its security obligations to the government in Tokyo encompasses islands in the East China Sea that are claimed by both China and Japan. 在上個週末中國軍機連續幾天飛入台灣的防空識別區後,中美之間的緊張關係加劇。拜登政府重申其不僅對台灣的承諾,以及對日本的承諾。美國新任國防部長奧斯丁上將 (Lloyd Austin) 表示美國對東京 (即日本) 政府的安保義務涵蓋了中國和日本都宣稱擁有主權的東海諸多島嶼。 2️⃣On semiconductor chips: Germany needs Taiwan 半導體晶片:德國需要台灣 The German economy minister reportedly asked his counterpart in Taiwan for help in easing a shortfall in the supply of semiconductor chips that has forced several carmakers to close their assembly lines. Volkswagen, one of the affected firms, said it would be looking into possible claims for damages. The shortage has brought home the dependence of the industry on contract chip manufacturers in Asia. 據報導,德國經濟部長請求台灣的協助以緩解德方半導體晶片供應短缺的情況,而這類產品之短缺已迫使 (德國) 數家汽車製造商關閉生產線。受影響公司之一的福斯汽車 (Volkswagen) 表示將調查 (因晶片短缺而造成生產線被迫關閉之) 損害賠償的可能性。(半導體晶片之) 短缺使該行業 (汽車製造商) 對亞洲製造之晶片的依賴度加深了。 3️⃣Hammered and sickled: Vietnam’s Communist Party picks new leaders 工農的錘子和鐮刀:越南共產黨選出新一屆領導班子 Communist Party bigwigs gather today for the start of their national congress where, every five years, policies are rubber-stamped and a fresh slate of leaders approved. The post of secretary-general, the most powerful in the country, is up for grabs. With just 1,548 cases of covid-19 and 35 deaths, Vietnam has handled the pandemic well. It was one of the few countries whose economy grew last year, by nearly 3%. But there are still plenty of reasons for the new leaders to fret. China is Vietnam’s biggest trading partner, yet its aggressive behaviour in parts of the South China Sea claimed by both countries is stoking anti-Chinese sentiment. The public has been airing its grievances with the regime on social media and the streets. And the buoyant economic growth of past years will be difficult to revive. Whoever becomes secretary-general will have little time to celebrate. Their to-do list is long. 越南共產黨的大佬們將在今天齊聚一堂,展開五年一次的全國代表大會。會議內容通常是照本宣科地通過政策方針以及批准新一屆領導階層之任命案。手握該國最多權力的「越共中央總書記」這個職位正開放角逐。越南只有 1,548個確診病例與 35個死亡病例,因此其抗疫表現可說是相當優秀。越南甚至在去年的經濟成長達 3%,是少數幾個在去年仍維持經濟正成長的國家。不過呢,新的領導班子仍有許多讓他們感到煩惱的事。中國是越南最大的貿易夥伴,但中國在雙方皆有主權主張的部分南 (中國) 海所施行之侵略性行為正挑逗著 (越南的) 反華情緒。越南民眾近期以來一直透過社群媒體與街頭運動來表達他們對於越共政權的不滿,因此過去幾年蓬勃的經濟成長將難以恢復。不管最後成為 (越共中央) 總書記的人是誰,他/她將幾乎沒有時間慶祝。畢竟,他/她的待辦事項還多得很。

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