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EPISODE 34: HOTEL ROOM * KEY WORDS AND PHRASES: 1. nightstand (n) 床頭櫃 ex. newsstand, taxi stand, food stand 2. armchair (n) 扶手椅 ex. arm/leg of a chair, bench 3. lamp (n) 燈 ex. desk lamp, floor lamp, ceiling lamp 4. sheet (n) (薄狀物, 一張紙) 床單 ex. blanket, pillow 5. rug (n) 地毯= carpet (n) 6. hang (v) 掛 (hang-hung-hung) 7. make the bed 整理床鋪 ex. set the table 8. by (介) 在…的旁邊= beside, next to * KEY SENTENCES: 1. The floor lamp is by the nightstand. 落地燈在床頭櫃旁 2. The bed with pillows and sheets is made for occupancy. 有枕頭跟床單的床鋪已整理好要讓客人入住. 3. The hotel room is completely covered by rugs.整個飯店房間都鋪了地毯 4. A couple of paintings are hung over the armchair in a corner of the room. 幾幅畫掛在位於房間一角的扶手椅上方 5. There’s a towel on the arm of the chair and a tiny carpet under the leg of the chair. 有一條毛巾在椅子的扶手上, 還有一條小地毯在椅腳下

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