【EP. 64】#342 經濟學人新聞評論【麥肯錫 (管理諮詢公司)、普渡製藥、集體 (法律) 訴訟、美國鴉片類藥物危機、聯合國安理會、五大常任理事國 feat. 否決權、緬甸局勢、非洲聯盟、衣索比亞、群體免疫、國家治理、民主水平】

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🔴Friday February 5th 2021 🔵2021年2月5日星期五 1️⃣McKinsey feat. Purdue Pharma: it’s a shared blame! 麥肯錫 feat. 普渡製藥:上下交相賊! McKinsey agreed to pay $573m to settle a case brought by dozens of American states which accused the consultancy of exacerbating the country’s opioids crisis. While advising Purdue Pharma, a large manufacturer of the drug, it allegedly devised a plan to concentrate marketing on doctors who were keen prescription-writers. McKinsey did not admit wrongdoing but will co-operate with investigators. 美國管理諮詢公司麥肯錫 (McKinsey) 同意支付 5.73億美元和解一起由數十個美國各州所提起的 (集體訴訟) 案件,而該案件指責麥肯錫加劇了美國的鴉片類藥物危機。據傳,在為大藥廠普渡製藥公司 (Purdue Pharma) 提供諮詢服務時,麥肯錫製定了一項將營銷重點集中在熱衷於開處方籤的醫生上之計畫。麥肯錫不承認有不當/法行為,但會與調查人員配合。 2️⃣Myanmar: choose your words very carefully… 緬甸:謹言慎詞… The UN Security Council called for the release of Myanmar’s leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, who was deposed by the country’s armed forces on Monday—but stopped short of calling the army’s intervention a coup or condemning it. The wording of the joint statement appeared designed to avoid a veto from China and Russia. In Myanmar, military leaders blocked access to Facebook to promote “stability”. 聯合國安全理事會 (安理會) 要求釋放於 (本) 週一被緬甸軍方免職/罷黜的緬甸領導人翁山蘇姬 (Aung San Suu Kyi),但安理會並未聲稱軍方的干預行徑是政變、也沒有加以譴責。安理會的聯合聲明之措詞語調似乎旨在避免 (該聲明) 被中國和俄羅斯給否決。在緬甸,軍方領導人們以促進“穩定”為由封鎖了臉書 (Facebook)。 3️⃣Continental drift: the African Union summit 板塊漂移:非洲聯盟 - 高峰會 Perhaps the only thing worse than not learning from history is drawing the wrong lessons from it. When Africa’s leaders meet virtually this weekend for the annual summit of the African Union they seem determined to set unambitious goals. Last year’s summit declared 2020 the year of “silencing the guns” of civil war, only to have fighting break out in Ethiopia, the country that hosts the AU’s executive arm. This year’s goal is merely to celebrate the continent’s art and culture. Yet there is a desperate need for urgent action by Africa’s leaders on several vital issues, starting with covid-19. Whereas much of the rich world hopes to vaccinate its people this year, Africa is on course to have jabbed enough people to reach herd immunity only by early 2024. Governance and democracy have also slipped backwards in the past year, with several shamelessly rigged elections. The AU needs to show less celebration and a little more leadership. 比起不學歷史更糟的是,我們從歷史中汲取了錯誤的教訓。非洲各國領導人將在本週末召開非洲聯盟 (African Union) 的年度高峰會,但他們似乎決心不要設下太有野心的目標。去年的高峰會宣佈 2020年是“讓戰爭平息”的一年,但戰爭卻在衣索比亞 (Ethiopia,位在東非) 爆發,而衣國剛好也是非盟總部的所在地。今年的目標僅僅是慶祝非洲大陸的藝術和文化。然而,因新冠疫情的爆發,非洲各國領導人迫切地需要採取緊急行動。儘管許多富裕國家希望能在今年為人民百姓接種疫苗,但非洲的發展勢必要到 2024年初才能使足夠的人接種到疫苗,進而達到群體免疫 (之效果)。在過去的一年裡,有鑒於 (在一些非洲國家) 多場令人髮指的選舉,(多數非洲國家之) 治理和民主均未向前邁進。現在非洲聯盟真正需要的是少一點慶祝活動、多一點領導才能。

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