每日英語跟讀 Ep.K050: About Canada - 加拿大人考慮是否該到佛州過冬

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每日英語跟讀 Ep.K050: About Canada - Fly south or roost? Canadian ’snowbirds’ weigh Florida mid-pandemic   Birds of a feather normally flock together, but the pandemic has divided Canada’s "snowbird" warm weather migrants into two camps:those staying home this winter and those heading to Florida no matter the cost. 通常來說,物以類聚,但是這場疫情已經使加拿大每年遷徙到氣候溫暖區的「雪鳥族」分成兩陣營:待在家鄉過冬,以及不計代價前往佛州者。 Nearly a million Canadians make the annual pilgrimage, fleeing to the southern United States to pass what would otherwise be gray and snowy months with their toes tucked in the sand and ocean breeze in their hair. 每年有將近100萬名加拿大人飛奔到美國南方,享受漫步沙灘、和煦海風吹過髮梢,度過在家鄉會是滿是灰白雪世界的幾個月。 The coronavirus has led a majority to forgo the trip this year - but for those flouting Canada’s repeated calls to stay put, the price tag on winter at the beach has skyrocketed. 新型冠狀病毒導致今年大多數人放棄這趟旅程,但是對那些不顧加拿大一再呼籲不要旅行的人來說,到南方沙灘過冬的代價飛漲。 Each plane ticket costs Can$500 and hauling the vehicle 55 miles across the border sets customers back $1,000. 每張機票要500加幣,把車子運送55英里越過邊境,則要花上1000加幣。   Next Article   Canadian officials warn drivers not to let moose lick their cars 加拿大官員警告駕駛 不要讓駝鹿舔他們的車 Officials in Jasper, an alpine town in Canada’s Alberta province, have put up signs asking motorists to avoid allowing moose to lick the salt off their cars. 加拿大亞伯達省高山小鎮賈斯柏的官員們,已經張貼標語要求駕駛人不得允許駝鹿舔他們車外的鹽。 "They’re obsessed with salt, it’s one of the things they need for the minerals in their body," Jasper National Park spokesman Steve Young told CNN. "They usually get it from salt lakes in the park, but now they realized they can also get road salt that splashes onto cars." 「他們癡迷於鹽,鹽是其中一種牠們身體必需的礦物質」,賈斯柏國家公園發言人史蒂夫.楊告訴美國有線電視新聞網,「他們通常會從公園的湖鹽獲取它(礦物質),但現在他們知道,他們也能從濺在車上的路鹽得到」。 At the Jasper National Park, where people often park on the side of the road in hopes of catching a glimpse of the moose, letting the animals near your car is actually a serious danger. 賈斯柏國家公園內時常有人停車在路邊,希望能得到駝鹿的注意,但讓動物接近你的車,其實是非常危險的。 By allowing moose to lick the salt off your car, they will become habituated with being around cars. That poses a risk to both the animals and the drivers who can accidentally crash into them. 允許駝鹿舔你的車外的鹽,將會讓牠們習慣徘徊於車子旁邊。對動物及可能意外與牠們相撞的駕駛人都構成風險。 Source article: 每日英語跟讀Podcast,就在每週Vocab精選詞彙Podcast,就在每週In-TENSE文法練習Podcast,就在   用email訂閱就可以收到通勤學英語節目更新通知。

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