How to celebrate the Chinese New Year in Taiwan

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Welcome to Josephine’s Language World. This is the 18th episode of this program. And today is the 3rd, January of the lunar calendar in Taiwan. So of course I will tell you some traditions about how to celebrate the Chinese New Year for Taiwanese. (1) Red envelopes In Taiwan, children always get excited about red envelopes given by our aunts, uncles, parents, and grandparents . I remember when I was a child, it is extremely the happiest time to me. When children become adults and start to earn their own money, they become the givers. These red envelopes presented to parents and grandfather are seen as a sign of respect and appreciation. You may get confused why it is red. Actually red is the luckiest color in Taiwan, so it’s the obvious choice. (2) Spring couplets (red scrolls) This is one of the most visible traditions, or what many be called red scrolls, hanging at the entrance to many homes. These scrolls are painted with wise messages or short poems that are supposed to bring good luck to the home. Every year we must remove the old ones and replace them with freshly painted new scrolls. (3) Firecrackers The firecrackers that we see here during festivals have a huge significance. During Lunar New Year we were traditionally set off to scare away Nian, a mythical beast of old times that is said to have tormented a village many centuries ago. These days, locals set them off to scare away evil spirits and help celebrate the coming of the New Year. (4) Reunion dinner A reunion dinner is held on New Year's Eve, during which family members get together to celebrate. It is often considered the most important get-together meal of the entire year. Many of the dishes on the table hold a special significance and are often chosen for luck. Of course, these are our traditions to celebrate it. How about it in your country? Maybe you can tell me how you celebrate the New Year . Yeah, welcome to send it to me by email. You can find my email address on the program information. Look forward to receiving it soon.

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