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EPISODE 38: RESTAURANT * KEY WORDS AND PHRASES: 1. cushion (n) 抱枕, 靠墊 2. table mat (n) 餐墊 ex. door mat, mattress, table cloth 3. tray (n) (托)盤, 大碟子 ex. dish, plate 4. utensil (n) (U) 餐具 = cutlery ex. disposable utensil, set the table 5. jar (n) (一罐), 水壺= pitcher ex. tea pot 6. mug (n) 馬克杯 ex. cup and saucer, glass, 7. by (pre.) 在…旁邊= beside, next to * KEY SENTENCES: 1. The table is set with disposable utensil. 桌上擺了免洗餐具 2. Five table mats and a jar of water are placed on the dining table.五個餐墊以及一壺水在餐桌上 3. A tray of bread is by the mugs. 一盤麵包在馬克杯旁 4. A couple of cushions are on the bench facing the window. 有好幾個抱枕在正對著窗戶的長椅上. 5. A tea pot and some saucers are to the right of the table mat. 一個茶壺以及一些碟子在餐墊的右邊.

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