Sky ladder

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聽眾朋友晚安,歡迎再一次收聽九十分的語言世界第十九次的播出,今天的節目我們將介紹一位世界知名的爆破專家:蔡國強。當然我想可能大部分的聽眾都聽過他的名字。蔡國強出生於1957年,在泉州漁村成長,1999年獲威尼斯雙年展金獅獎、2008年為北京奧運設計開幕主題煙火、2011年為中華民國(台灣)建國百年跨年慶典設計煙火,他的很多作品在世界上都引起許多討論。 今天特別想介紹的可以說是他的嘔心瀝血之作: 「天梯」。天梯是蔡國強歷時21年製作的作品,在歐美以及亞洲經歷一次又一次的失敗,最後在家鄉泉州成功。而我之所以推薦這一個作品,最主要有兩個原因:第一個原因是一個人能堅守21年的執著而始終不放棄,就憑這樣的一份堅持就該被讚揚,試問我們周遭有多少人可能是空談理想,卻從不務實的人呢?第二個原因是因為我特別認同於他所說的一句話: 在神和大自然的面前,人是卑微的。尤其是在新冠肺炎重擊全球人類的今天,更值得令人省思。 這個作品主要是希望透過煙火,傳達人類艱苦遠行的一個階段;在我們見過了那麼多的狂歡、不安之後,面對新冠疫情,與其把這個病毒當成一個外來入侵者來痛恨它,不如把它作為自然的一部分來接受。因為不管喜歡它或對它反感,病毒都會跟我們一直在一起,他希望這個作品能將能量透過過現場實況轉播把它擴散到全世界,鼓舞大家的勇氣,振作大家的精神,通過這一場煙花的作品和大自然和解。 Hello, everyone. Welcome to Josephine’s Language World. Today we would like to introduce a Chinese artist Cai Guo-Qiang , who is known for highly-publicized public spectacles that fill the sky with shimmering fireworks or colorful smoke. He was born in 1957 in Quanzhou, Fujian Province, China. In 1999, he won the Golden Lion at the 48th Venice Biennale , and in 2008, the Beijing Olympic Games placed Cai in the spotlight of critical and popular attention. Today I especially recommend his perfect work "Sky Ladder” to you because it made him throw all his energy and lasted for 21 years to create such a wonderful masterpiece. It is his way to connect the earth to the universe. Besides, it was also a birthday present for his 100-year-old grandmother, who had supported his artistic endeavors and passed away shortly after its success. “Cai Guoqiang said: ‘art is the simplest impulse, '. Yes, his love to art supported him in finishing Sky Ladder. His simplicity and persistence led to his success. “ Cai Guoqiang thinks Sky Ladder marks a return to his origins, and a chance to climb higher. The image of With Sky Ladder attempts to commune with the unseen world, especially with the outbreak of COVID-19. He even said: “It’s not easy to be an artist, but it’s very meaningful.”

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