Vanessa is a WIP: from Teacher to Travel Tech Professional and Side Hustles

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Vanessa's Career Change From teacher, project manager to travel tech professional and the creator of Wander Onwards. Episode Timestamps 01:03 Introducing Vanessa 02:47 Reasons for moving abroad 04:52 What were the early days of living abroad like 08:58 Why decide to code 10:47 Finding her first client 12:09 How did Vanessa start learning code on her own 13:35 Was building websites enough to keep her afloat 15:56 Finding herself 19:56 Vanessa’s major turning point 22:19 Side hustles 24:00 How has the pandemic affected Vanessa’s business ventures 25:07 Vanessa’s project management experiences 27:02 What was the catalyst that enabled Vanessa’s transition 29:31 Vanessa’s predictions about her future 30:55 Time management 32:00 Tech-talk from a self-taught coder 34:31 Application/employment tips 37:10 PRO LINKEDIN SEO TIPS FROM VANESSA 100% GUARANTEED 39:53 Vanessa’s online services and products 46:14 Thoughts on LinkedIn 49:50 Vanessa’s social links About Vanessa Vanessa M.W is a travel tech professional and the creator of the wealth & wanderlust platform, Wander Onwards. Vanessa is originally from Los Angeles, California, she is a proud Chicana, and she has been living abroad for the last 7 years. Today, she helps people build better lives inside the US and abroad through her ‘Move Abroad’ Master Class and financial literacy digital products. She currently lives in Europe with her German Husband and Italian cat, Xiao Huang. Resources Where to find Vanessa: Website, Instagram 🎙🎙🎙🎙🎙 About Us We have more interviews on career change on our podcast! Head over there to check out more interesting stories! Want to learn more about why we care about career transitions? Check out Why Work In Progress Connect us with someone who has an amazing career story at and Music was used with permission. Credit: Happy by MBB

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