63. Interview with GrowGetter Tiffany and Tanya : How to start a podcast that ranks top in a competitive category worldwide?

Female Entrepreneur Me 女創業家與我 | with Irene Yu
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Today we are so honored to have GrowGetters, founded by Tiffany Hart and Tanya Garma. Introduction of GrowGetters is the future skills platform that exists to make sure your career or business is future-ready! If you are a multi-passionate and ambitious human, building a purpose-led & passionate empire, then you are in the right place! Tell us a little about your story and what brought you both to Germany?  Why did you start the podcast together? What should you focus on to grow the podcast in the first place? friends, family, geo-targeting, featuring influencers What is the future plan? If you want to read the full story as a blog: here it is. Irene is a Podcast host and a Business & Mindset Coach who wants to help Female Entrepreneurs build purposeful life and business. Website: Clubhouse @itsireneyu Apply for 1:1 Coaching: Instagram: Check out our Podcast in Mandarin Youtube:

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