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🎵Song Lyrics🎵 A1: In the dark all by yourself It is a nightmare that has no escape Blinding pain exists inside your head You can’t explain A billion miles away from those you love the most 獨處在黑暗之中 逃離不了的夢魘 思念成了痛楚 說不出的無助 與至親相隔千億里 B1: Wishing I could tear apart The space and time between Just to tell you that I too Am sharing in your pain I will try my best to shield You from All the arrows and the knives And step by step we’ll turn the tide 期盼穿越時空與你分憂 告知你 我感同身受 竭力成為你的護盾 保守你免受穿心之痛 你我同心扭轉逆流 C1: We are no strangers on battlefields We’ve seen these all unfold All the times they said you are my friend Was it all a ruse? 你我身經百戰 沿路擊退敵人百千 即使別人假意示好 定能識破詭計 Somehow we’d still believe That they meant every promise and every word United as the castaways for we are one 往昔的承諾與誓言 一去不復返 別人背棄的你我 才是真正盟友 A2: Staring at the good old days Wishing you had saved the best for last Angry tears are dripping down your hair But who cares Didn’t they all agree that they would stick around 回顧舊日好時光 多希望仍存留至今 悲憤的淚沾濕了頭髮 可有誰在乎 他們不都曾答應並肩而行嗎 B2: Wish that I could gaze into Your starry eyes and see If there isn’t anything That I can trade with you And if you are willing to Lend me Your reassuring smile Promise I’ll sit by you for a while 願我注目你的雙眼 願與你分憂解勞 願你重展笑容重拾自信 我願坐在身旁默默陪伴 C2: Is all the struggle inside the pain A blessing in disguise For it's not a box that’s closing in It is our stage 苦痛中的掙扎 是隱藏的祝福嗎 眼前的困境並非窮巷絕路 卻是發光發亮的舞台 It is our time to shine You and I Can go forth hand in hand Uncertainty is wiped away Only faith will stand 該是時候大放異彩 你與我攜手邁進 抹去猶豫疑惑 容信心領航前行 B3: As you scroll down line by line It all will be clear Never have I left your side I’ve always been near And when darkness fills the sky Don’t you mind I promise we’ll survive It’s only a matter of time 細讀我的留言 讓你心思清朗 我從沒撇下你 一直陪伴左右 當黑暗籠罩天空 確信你我必安然渡過 容時間證明一切 C3: Until we’re victors of battlefields It's time to draw our swords Here we will make our final stand We will never fold 你我定必在戰地凱旋而歸 該是時候亮出寶劍 你我至終奮力抵抗 決不畏縮退讓 When all the odds are Stacked against us we will find a way For you and me will live to see Another day 儘管障礙重重 必開闢新路 你我定能跨勝 迎來新的一天 —————————————————————————— Hey guys, hope you enjoyed the song 🤗 Attached below is the Chinese version of the song if you're interested​ And here is the Chinese music video of the song​ Glad you enjoyed it. 😍✋✨ —————————————————————————— 👉 Follow me 👈 Facebook:​ Youtube:​ Twitter:​ Instagram:​ —————————————————————————— Copyright Information: The music in the film come from​ Copyright © 2021 Back To The Music. All Rights Reserved.

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