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EPISODE 41: REAL ESTATE * KEY WORDS AND PHRASES: 1. real estate 不動產(U) ex. property (U) (C), recreational property real estate agency 房仲公司 real estate agent 房仲= realtor 2. develop (v) 開發 ex. housing/land development/developed, developing, underdeveloped country developer (n) (土地/住宅) 開 發商 3. mortgage (n) 房貸 ex. loan 4. commit (v) 把…委託給…. commission (n) 佣金 * KEY SENTENCES: 1. Due to the bull market, most major real estate agencies have seen high sales volume. 因為經濟景氣, 大多主要的房仲業者都見證了高銷售量. 2. Housing price has been going up in that newly-developed district. 在那新開發的區域, 房價不斷上漲. 3. You have to pay commission if you hire a real estate agent to take care of the sale of the property. 如果你聘請房仲來負責房產的買賣, 你必須要支付佣金. 4. Financial and housing regulations tend to be more relaxed in underdeveloped countries. 在未開發國家, 金融跟住宅的相關規定通常比較寬鬆. 5. Do you want to be a homeowner? Have you been dreaming of 恩enjoying recreational property with your families? Are you worried about not being able to afford the down payment? Not being able to get a mortgage with a low interest rate? We at All-We-Can-Do-For-You can take care of all your *headaches *when it comes to real estate! We provide professional financial consultation to help you come up with the best financial plans in no time. Call 800-500-8950 today to make an appointment with one of our agents! Initial consultation is free! 你想要成為有房子的人嗎? 你是不是夢想和家人一起享受度假房產呢? 你擔心負擔不起頭期款? 擔心沒辦法拿到低利房貸? 在All-We-Can-Do-For-You的我們可以幫你解決關於不動產的所有惱人問題! 我們專門提供財務諮詢幫您快速找出最適合您的財務規畫. 今天就撥打800-500-8950 和我們的專員預約吧! 首次諮詢免費喔!

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