11. 十月閒聊:感謝大家的支持、手作市集、中秋烤肉 October Chat

Talk Taiwanese Mandarin with Abby
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感謝一直以來大家的支持。這集跟大家閒聊我最近去了一個很有趣的活動,還有今年的中秋烤肉跟往年有什麼不一樣呢? 最後,再放首我的愛歌給你聽! Special thanks for those have been supporting me and my podcast! Talking about an interesting event I went to lately, and first time going to barbecues as a vegetarian.   The Song I Play:四分衛 - 十月病 / Follow Them:  *Your Support will help me keep creating more content 幫助我一直做下去:   *Website: ► Instagram: @TalkTaiwaneseMandarin.podcast : ► Facebook: *Twitter: @MandarinAbby  *If you enjoy the podcast, would you please consider leaving a short review on Apple Podcasts? It takes less than a minute and it really helps! :

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