17. 流行語:「佛系」、「厭世」 Trendy Slang: Buddha-like

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I am going to tell you some popular slang in Taiwan and China, and explain to you what they mean, the story behind them and how to use them in daily life. And, play you a great Taiwanese song at the end!「佛系青年」、「佛系員工」、「厭世代」.... 這些詞有什麼意思呢?我會告訴你這些詞的意思、背後的故事,還有90後年輕人的想法,最後再放一首好歌給你聽。 * The Song I Play: 美秀集團 - 生活袂曉過 /Their Youtube: ► Website (Transcripts) ► Support me on Patreon:   ► Buy me a coffee: ► Instagram: @TalkTaiwaneseMandarin.podcast : ► Facebook: *Help me reach more people by giving me a 5-star rating on on Apple Podcasts! ⭐Promo Code: Subscribe to Dong Chinese with the promo code "ABBY" to get 20% off!

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