EP9『Pei你開店』Finesse Pastries|高中就決定創業並註冊品牌名,不斷追求創新與巧思的法式甜點店|with Chelsey

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Finesse Pastries是一家位於波士頓的法式甜點店,以法式馬卡龍為主要產品,另外也有蛋糕、麵包、烘焙課程,在這集節目裡我們會聊到Chelsey當初怎麼開始有創業的想法,創業前需要做什麼準備,當一個甜點店的老闆每天的生活模式,以及把烘焙變職業和當興趣有什麼不同。 這是我第一次的英文訪談(可能也是最後一次哈哈),因為我真的很想訪談她,她就是我在第一集節目裡提到波士頓的甜點店老闆,我也把我們的對話和內容全部翻譯成中文文字稿,可以點選文章網址觀看: (網站一直難產,這集因為想一起出中文版所以趕快把緊急的處理好,但還不是完整的網站,希望之後可以陸續寫更多文章!) 想知道當初我們是怎麼開始合作可以到我的EP1收聽: 我在波士頓的第一個客戶|不想在求職網海投履歷怎麼在美國找到工作? 她的馬卡龍真的很好吃,而且每個月都會出至少6種新口味,我應該吃了好幾十種口味了好想念!大家有去波士頓玩一定要吃吃看! 最喜歡的3種口味:薰衣草、海鹽焦糖巧克力、玫瑰蔓越莓 Instagram: @finessepastries 594 Somerville Ave, Somerville, MA 02143     100 Hanover St, Boston, MA 02108 - Welcome to PeiPeiTalks. This is Pei. In this podcast, we have some different topics. One of them is about entrepreneurs in the food industry, how they start their business and how they grow up their business. Finesse Pastries was established in 2012 in Manchester, NH. The main products are french macarons, french cakes, and baking classes. In 2016, it was relocated to Boston, MA to share the handcrafted, made from scratch pastries with more people. In this episode, we will talk about why Chelsey started her business, why chose pastries, and her entrepreneur experience. I learned a lot when talking with her, I believe you will, too! I really love her macarons, especially lavender, salted caramel chocolate, and raspberry rose! To see Chelsey's fantastic pastries, follow her Instagram: @finessepastries

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