Lesson 24:Modern English Poems Part 3 第24課 現代英美詩 3

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kkboxspotifyapplegooglerss Hello, I’m Castor. I teach English and Chinese and also, I make music. Today I’m going to recite to you this poem by Robert Graves. It’s called The Cool Web. Before that, I would like to invite you to listen to my music production. Please search artist name:Castor Sung on Spotify, Apple Music, or KKBOX. My latest EP “ Get Over It”was just released. You’re welcome to have a listen. Hello,我是Castor. 我教中文也教英文,另外我也出唱片了!今天我想要給大家朗誦一首由Robert Graves創作的詩,「涼爽的網」。 在這之前,我想要邀請大家聽聽我的音樂創作。大家可以在Spotify, Apple Music, 或是KKBOX上面搜尋藝人:Castor Sung.我的最新迷你專輯剛剛發行,叫做”Get Over It”.歡迎大家上來聽聽看唷! The Cool Web by Robert Grave. 涼爽的網 by Robert Graves 陳敬容翻譯

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