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EPISODE 43: SCENERY * KEY WORDS AND PHRASES: 1. skyscraper (n) 摩天大樓= high-rise 2. thoroughfare (n) 主要幹道 ex. boulevard, avenue, drive 3. canal (n) 運河, 水道= waterway 4. port (n) 港口 = harbor 5. pier (n) 碼頭, 防波堤= dock, wharf 6. cruise ship (n) 郵輪 ex. ship, boat, ferry, tanker, * KEY SENTENCES: 1. Multiple skyscrapers are in the background. 遠方有許多摩天大樓 2. The canal runs alongside of a major thoroughfare. 河道在一主要幹道旁. 3. Several cruise ships are at the harbor. 好幾艘郵輪停泊在港口. 4. There are a couple of skyscrapers and a row of shops on the boulevard. 大道上有兩棟摩天大樓以及一排商店. 5. Two docks are at the opposite end of the waterway. 水道的兩端各有一個碼頭. 贊助連結:

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