*第三季*【EP. 72】#356 經濟學人新聞評論【SoundCloud、戰國時代:線上平台、特許權使用費/分潤收入、(法國) 天主教會、(性) 虐待兒童問題、梵蒂岡 - 羅馬教廷、戀童癖 (Pedophilia)、中國 - 數位貨幣、四川省成都市、2022 北京冬奧】

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🔴Wednesday March 3rd 2021 🔵2021年3月3日星期三 1️⃣SoundCloud: changes that some may dislike but more may like… SoundCloud:難以兩全其美的變革… SoundCloud announced it will become the first music-streaming service to direct subscribers’ fees only to the artists they listen to, starting on April 1st. Other platforms such as Apple Music and Spotify divide royalties based on which artists have the most global plays. Many musicians argue that is unfair, as it leaves almost nothing for artists further down the pecking order. SoundCloud (一線上音樂分享平台) 宣佈它將從 (今年) 4月1日開始成為第一個將訂閱用戶所付的費用僅流向到用戶所使用之服務 (聆聽之音樂) 的音樂創作者收入帳中。其他平台 (例如 Apple Music 和 Spotify) 會根據哪些音樂創作者在全球範圍內有著最多的閱聽眾來分配“特許權使用費 (或分潤收入)”。許多音樂創作者認為 (現行機制) 是不公平的,因為那對聽眾寥寥無幾 (或極少數) 的音樂創作者來說幾乎沒有任何助益。 2️⃣Catholic Church in France: under fire…and that serves them well! 法國的天主教會:腹背受敵…活該! The head of an inquiry into child abuse in the Catholic Church in France said there could have been at least 10,000 victims since 1950, more than the previous estimate of 3,000. A hotline for reports of abuse received 6,500 calls in its first 17 months. The inquiry, launched in 2018, is due to deliver its final report by September. 調查法國天主教會 (性) 虐待兒童問題的負責人表示,自 1950年以來,可能至少有一萬名受害者,超過了先前所預估的三千名。用來呈報/揭發 (性) 虐待行徑的熱線電話在起初 17個月內接到了 6,500通電話。該調查始於 2018年,並將在 (今年) 9月提交出最終報告。 3️⃣A bit of coin: China’s digital-currency experiment 來點不同的!中國的「數位貨幣」實驗 Nearly four in five transactions in China occur via mobile. The tech giants processing those payments have become too mighty for Beijing’s liking. So the government has been experimenting with its own state-backed digital currency. Such a mechanism would allow the government to transfer cash to the poor and underbanked more quickly, as well as giving the state more scrutiny over financial flows. The People’s Bank of China will today begin its latest trial of the concept in Chengdu, a city in south-western China. The bank has granted residents of the city a total of 200,000 vouchers, worth a combined 40.2m yuan ($6.2m), which can be used at certain local and online retailers for the next 16 days. Officials have spoken of impressing visitors with a fully-implemented, national e-currency by the time they visit Beijing for the 2022 Winter Olympics, to be held next February. That may be an Olympian challenge. 在中國,近五分之四 (4/5) 的轉帳交易是透過手機操作的。那些處理線上支付的科技巨頭已經變得太過強大,使得北京有點感冒。因此,中國政府當局一直在嘗試建立一國家背書的國有數位貨幣。諸如此類的機制將使政府得以更快速地將現金轉給窮人與資金不足的人,並給予國家更多的金流監控權。在今天,中國人民銀行 (譯註:如同台灣的央行) 將在位於中國西南部的成都市 (四川省省會/最大城) 開始對此 (國有數位貨幣) 概念進行最新一輪的試驗。中國人民銀行已向該市的居民免費贈送共 20萬份、價值 4,020萬人民幣 (約合 620萬美金) 的代金券,並得以在未來 16天內於特定的當地與線上零售商使用。官員已發下豪語,希望讓造訪明年二月舉辦的 2022 北京冬奧之遊客對一種完全實施的全國性電子貨幣留下深刻印象。這可能是個非凡的挑戰。

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