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Welcome to Josephine’s language world. This is 21st episode of this program. And first of all, I would like to say sorry to you because of my absence here for a long time. It is owing to my mom’s surgery on her hip joint. Being a good daughter, I need to take the responsibility to care for her even it made me work against the clock all the time last week. However, I also need to show my appreciation to you for your continuous listening. Thanks so much. Today, I would like to talk about my experience and feelings in teaching Chinese. Yeah, you know, I am an online teacher and I have taught English, Chinese and Japanese for many years. If you ask me: what is the dominating language in the world? Ten years ago, maybe my answer would be English because many people speak it around the world. But now I may give you different answer with time changing. There are more and more people showing their preference for learning Chinese. And of course, English and Chinese are totally different in pronunciation and the words. Thanks to the hanyu pinyin, it makes it easier for some of my students to learn Chinese. After being familiar with it, we need to practice the four tones of Chinese. According to my teaching experience, it is difficult for some of my students. And after that, I always push my students to recognize the Chinese characters as possible as they can. Of course, pinyin is easier and helps a lot when reading Chinese. While it is only the tool and our target is to write the Chinese characters without any problem. So if you are interested in learning Chinese, please contact with me because I can teach you systematically. Then you can learn it step by step. You can contact with me by email. And you can find my email address on my program introduction. Look forward to receiving your email Soon.

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