1. The Israeli cabinet meeting approved a 9 billion-NIS (2.74 billion U.S. dollars) plan to purchase new F35 and F15 fighter jets from the United States to strengthen the air force fleet. The source of funding is the annual US$3.8 billion in free military aid given to Israel by the United States. 2. The Prime Minister of Greece visited Israel yesterday and Monday. In addition to expressing his willingness to join Israel’s ICHILOV hospital to develop the clinical test of a new drug for EXO-CD24, he is also willing to first reach a tourist bubble with Israel to welcome Israeli tourists. 3. Shlomo Hillel, a veteran political figure in Israel, passed away yesterday at the age of 97. He is an Iraqi Jew, the 10th President of the National Assembly of Israel, and served as Minister of the Interior, Chief Police Officer, and diplomat. He is the person who came out of the generations when the nation was founded. In addition, I explained the history of Iraqi Jews being deprived of everything to come to Israel as refugees to make a fortune. In addition, I also mentioned that myself knew another Iraqi Jewish family, Zvi Gabay. He was Israeli diplomat and ambassador to Egypt, Ireland. When he serve as Deputy Director General for Asia-Pacific region of Israel Foreign Ministry, he was very friendly to Taiwan. His pass away was the big loss of Israeli Iraqi community and for me the same. 4. The Russian, Chinese and Iranian navies will hold a joint naval exercise in the Indian Ocean at the end of this month. The last time they did so was in December 2019. The exercise will include the search and rescue of ships that are on fire and those that have been attacked by pirates. 5. The United States will rejoin the UN Human Rights Council and use its leadership to bring the organization back on track.

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