2021年2月22日 本日中東國際新聞導讀,及教您如何與猶太人交談而不會被講反猶

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Rafael Grossi, Secretary-General of the International Atomic Energy Agency, stated that he has reached a willingness with Iran to continue as a supervisor for three months, but the restoration of the Iranian nuclear agreement still has to be resolved by high-level politics. 國際原子能總署秘書長Rafael Grossi表示與伊朗達成繼續監事3個月的意願,但伊朗核協議之恢復仍要由高層政治解決。 India’s large-scale production of asrazeneca vaccine. Before the epidemic, India was a producer of more than 60% of the world’s vaccines. Now India is donating vaccines to neighboring countries as a diplomatic tool. Yesterday, it sent 500,000 doses to Afghanistan. Mongolia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, etc. will also be shipped out one after another.印度大規模生產astrazeneca疫苗,在疫情之前印度本來就是世界上60%以上疫苗的生產國,現在印度向週邊國家贈送疫苗作為外交工具,昨日即向阿富汗送了50萬劑,另外對尼泊爾、緬甸、蒙古、斯里蘭卡、孟加拉等也將陸續運送出。 Officials from the Israeli Ministry of Health recommend that patients who have suffered from covid-19 only need to get another season of vaccine.以色列衛生部官員建議曾罹患covid-19的病患只要再去打一季疫苗即可。 The American TV presenter joked that Israel only vaccinated half of its Jewish citizens, which led to accusations of anti-Semitism. I also remind everyone of the principle of getting along with Jews, that is, do not label the Jewish community, no matter whether it is a good or a bad label, do not put it on, otherwise praise may not become an insult, which is completely contrary to the original intention. 美國電視主持人開玩笑說以色列只為一半的猶太國民打疫苗,結果引發反猶太主義之指控。我也在此提醒大家與猶太人相處之原則,就是不要給猶太人群體貼標籤,不管是好的或壞的標籤都一樣不要貼,否則可能讚美不成反成侮辱,就完全與原意相反了。 巴勒斯坦官員通知美國國務院官員,包括哈瑪斯在內之所有巴勒斯坦派別都統一共識,將以1967年邊界的東耶路撒冷、西岸、迦薩為建國標的,並以和平方式抵抗以色列。這個與過去哈馬斯的立場完全相左,是否真能實現?有待觀察。 The Palestinian officials informed the officials of the US State Department that all Palestinian factions, including Hamas, had a unified consensus that they would use East Jerusalem, West Bank, and Gaza along the 1967 borders as the national landmarks, and peacefully resist Israel. This is completely at odds with the position of Hamas in the past. Can it be realized? to be observed.

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