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The Israeli media interviewed Prime Minister Natanyahu and asked him whether he would change Israel’s democratic characteristics like Trump? The prime minister replied that this was the reporter’s explanation. He believed that Trump’s defeat was due to other factors. In addition, Prime Minister stated that Israel must rely on itself to defend itself. If any regime's goal is to destroy Israel, Israel will use all means to deal with that country.以國媒體專訪總理納唐亞胡,問他是否像川普一樣會改變以色列民主特質?總理回答這是記者的解釋,他認為川普落選有其他因素。此外總理表示以色列必須要依靠自己捍衛自己,如果有任何一個政權的目標是要摧毀以色列的話,以色列會使用所有一切手段去對付那個國家。 The Israeli parliament election is about to vote on March 23. The political parties are intensively attacking each other. Many people attacked Natangyahu to avoid lawsuits. Natangyahu said that since he took power, many people have used false methods to attack his family. Including his wife and son, he will not be knocked down. Natangyahu believes that Israel will be the first country to get rid of the epidemic, and the economy will rise after the epidemic is over.以色列國會大選3月23日就要投票了,各政黨緊鑼密鼓在攻擊彼此,許多人攻擊納唐亞胡是為了規避法律訴松,納唐亞胡說自他掌權來許多人以虛假手法攻擊他的家庭包括妻子與兒子,他不會被打倒。納唐亞胡認為以色列會是第一個擺脫疫情的國家,經濟也會在疫情結束後上升。 Prime Minister Natanyahu declared that Israel intends to send 100,000 doses of Moderna vaccine to 20 friendly countries. However, the Ministry of Health and other competent officials were not notified of this proposal. As a result, there was a large number of protests. The leader of the opposition party Defense Minister Benny Gantz also opposed it. The Prime Minister’s Office has announced that it will cancel the practice of sending vaccines abroad as a diplomatic gift. But the flight for Honduras has landed at its destination.以色列由總理納唐亞胡宣示擬送出10萬劑Moderna疫苗給20個友好國家,但此議卻並未通知衛生部等主管官員,結果受到大量抗議,反對黨領袖國防部長Benny Gantz也持反對立場,總理辦公室已宣布取消往國外運送疫苗當作外交禮物之作法。但給宏都拉斯運貨的班機已經降落在目的地。 King Abdullah of Jordan expressed his hope at the Brookings Institute, a US think tank, that all parties in the Middle East can focus on the final solution and learn lessons from past mistakes. Occupation and peace cannot coexist. He hopes that the Palestinians can establish a Palestinian state within the borders of 1967, with Israel. Any other unilateral plans will not help to reach peace and will not produce positive and practical results. Jordan can play its role in the resumption of the Israeli-Palestinian peace talks, and hopes that the United States will exert leadership. The impact of the epidemic on the world economy may cause terrorism to take advantage of it, and all countries should pay attention to it. 約旦國王阿布都拉在美國智庫Brookings Institute表示希望中東各方可專注在最終解決方案,從過去錯誤中汲取教訓,佔領與和平無法共存,盼巴勒斯坦人可以在1967年邊界內建立巴勒斯坦國,與以色列和平共存,其實其他單方面的方案都無助和平也不會有結果的。約旦可以在重啟以巴和談過程中發揮自己的作用,也盼美國發揮領導力。疫情造成世界經濟影響可能造成恐怖主義趁虛而起,各國應注意。 U.S. President Biden should call Saudi Arabia's King Salman soon.美國拜登總統應該很快會致電沙烏地阿拉伯國王薩爾曼。 The Prime Minister of Armenia warned that the military is likely to have a coup as a follow-up to previous defeats to Azarbaijian.亞美尼亞總理警告表示軍方很可能會政變,作為之前敗仗的後續。 Gallup polls show that 5.6% of Americans consider themselves members of the LGBT community, and more and more people are willing to come out.蓋洛普民調顯示美國5.6%人民認為自己是LGBT群族的一分子,越來越多人願意出櫃。 Facing constant harassment by hostile forces in international organizations, Israel decided to run for participation in the important posts of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees.由於在國際組織中面對敵對勢力的不斷騷擾,以色列決定爭取參與聯合國難民高級專員總署的重要職務以為對抗。

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