2021年3月3日 本日國際新聞導讀-承認美國猶太改革保守教派事是猶太教發展的新篇章Israeli high court recognized reform conversion process in Israel

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The Jordanian Foreign Minister and the Israeli Foreign Minister met at the Allenby Bridge at the border to discuss bilateral issues. The Jordanian Foreign Minister called on Israel to achieve permanent peace with the Palestinians through a two-state solution. 約旦外長與以色列外長在邊關阿倫比橋見面商討雙邊議題,約旦外長呼籲以色列以兩國方案達成與巴勒斯坦人的永久和平。 The United States may impose sanctions against Russia in poisoning Navalny case.美國可能對俄羅斯下毒納瓦尼事制裁俄國。 另有20分鐘為大家解釋為何以色列高等法院承認美國猶太教派改革派與保守派在以色列進行歸化程序是有效的判決對以色列與美國猶太人兩大群體之合作與和解很重要? In another 20 minutes, I will explain to you why the Israeli High Court's ruling that the American Jewish reformers and conservatives’ conversion process in Israel are legal and effective. The judgment is important for the cooperation and reconciliation between the two major groups of Israeli and American Jews.

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