*第三季*【EP. 80】#370 經濟學人新聞評論【斯里蘭卡、2019年斯里蘭卡復活節大屠殺 (恐攻)、福斯集團 (Volkswagen Group)、敘利亞內戰、敘利亞暴君阿薩德 (Bashar al-Assad)、代理人戰爭 (Proxy War)、庫德族人 (The Kurds)】

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🔴Monday March 15th 2021 🔵2021年3月15日星期一 1️⃣Sri Lanka: banning burqas…as well 斯里蘭卡:也跟著禁止伊斯蘭婦女的傳統服飾 Sri Lanka’s minister of public security said he expected a ban on wearing burqas to be signed into law imminently. Sarath Weerasekara said the move was aimed at improving national security, and that the garment was a symbol of religious extremism. Sri Lanka imposed a temporary burqa-ban following a wave of suicide bombings on Easter Sunday in 2019. 斯里蘭卡 (Sri Lanka,位於南亞) 的公共安全部長表示他期望禁止穿著波卡 (Burqa,伊斯蘭婦女的傳統服飾) 之禁令及早被簽署成為法律。Sarath Weerasekara (即斯國公共安全部長) 說道此舉旨在改善國家安全,而像波卡那樣的服飾為宗教極端主義的象徵。在 2019年復活節週日發生了 (一系列的) 自殺式炸彈攻擊之後,斯里蘭卡 (以反恐為由) 曾實施了臨時禁令以限制波卡的穿著。 2️⃣Volkswagen Group: cutting jobs… 德國福斯集團:裁減工作崗位… On the eve of Volkswagen Group’s “Power Day”, Handelsblatt reported that the German carmaker plans to cut 5,000 jobs by offering partial or early retirement to its workers. Topping up their pensions could cost up to €500m ($598m), but the company hopes the move will contribute towards its target of cutting overheads by 5% and procurement costs by 7% over the next two years. 在福斯集團的品牌發表日前夕,德國商報 (Handelsblatt) 報導這家德國汽車製造商計劃透過提供部分或提前退休的方式來裁減五千個工作崗位。此計畫可能增加高達五億歐元 (約合 5.98億美元) 的退休金費用,但該公司希望此舉有助於實現其在未來兩年內將管理費用削減 5%、採購成本削減 7%的目標。 3️⃣A Pyrrhic victory: Syria’s civil war 一個代價高昂的勝利:敘利亞內戰 Bashar al-Assad’s supporters originally presented it as a choice: “Assad or we burn the country.” In the end, Syrians got both. Today marks ten years since the “day of rage” that saw the first anti-government protests in Damascus, the country’s capital. The regime quelled them by force, the start of an uprising that would become a civil war. In a narrow sense Mr Assad won: he remains in power. But outside the walls of the presidential palace, his dominion is in ruins. For most Syrians in regime-held areas, life is an endless series of queues for petrol and bread. The currency has lost 99% of its pre-war value. Parts of Syria remain outside Mr Assad’s grasp, controlled by Islamist rebels or by Kurds. Many of the 6m Syrian refugees despair of ever returning home. The president, as ever, seems oblivious. A sham election meant to occur this summer will grant him another term as ruler of the ruins. 最初,敘利亞總統阿薩德 (Bashar al-Assad) 的支持者把該國內戰當作是一種「要嘛是我們跟隨/服從阿薩德,不然就是我們燒掉這個國家」的選擇。最後,敘利亞人卻慘遭兩者的蹂躪。今天距敘國首都大馬士革 (Damascus) 舉行的第一次反政府抗議活動「憤怒之日」已經十週年了。當時,阿薩德政權用武力鎮壓人民,而這場起義運動旋即轉成為一場內戰。從狹義上來說,阿薩德贏了,因為他仍然掌權。但在總統府城牆外,在他統治下 (的敘利亞) 已成廢墟。對於在阿薩德政權控制區的大多數敘利亞人來說,生活是無止盡地排隊等待領取汽油和麵包。相較於內戰之前,該國貨幣已貶值了 99%。敘利亞的部分地區不在阿薩德的掌控之下,而是由伊斯蘭國叛軍或庫德族人所控制。多達六百萬的敘利亞難民甚至對重返家園抱持著絕望的態度。總統 (阿薩德) 似乎一如既往地不以為然。擬於今年夏天舉行的“偽選舉”預計將給他另一個新的 (總統) 任期,並使他成為廢墟的統治者。

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