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The Interconnection between the Body, the Soul and the Spirit
Our Body:
It is by our body that we function. It’s comprised of organs and cells which consists of protein (蛋白質), carbohydrates (碳水化合物) and fats (脂肪). Our body contains our nervous system with nerves and the brain. It’s through our bodies that we connect to the physical world with our five senses. Psalm 139:14 says that “you are fearfully and wonderfully made.” How marvelous it is that God made our bodies to function as they do.

Our Soul:
Our soul is what gives us our personality. It’s through our soul that we live out our relationships with God, with other people and with our self. Our soul likely has three major components--our mind, will and emotions. Our mind has a conscious part and an unconscious part. The conscious mind is where we do our thinking and reasoning. The unconscious mind is where we hold our deep beliefs and our attitudes. It’s also where we have our feelings, our emotions and our memories. Our will is what gives us the ability to make choices. Through a very complex way, our mind, our will and our emotions are connected to the body through our endocrine (內分泌), nervous and immune systems.

Our Spirit:
It’s in our spirit that we have meaning and purpose in life. At the deepest level, our spirit gives us meaning and purpose, and our spirit enables us to love one another, our self and God. It’s through our spirit that we have communion and fellowship with God. Our spirit gives us intuition between right and wrong. Our spiritual health will have a significant impact on our emotional health which will have a major influence on our physical health. The interconnection between the spirit, the soul and the body is certainly a complex connection, and nevertheless, the connection is very real. The apostle John was inspired by God to write in John 1:2, “Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers.” This is an indication of the importance of attending to matters of the soul as it relates to being healthy.

The Interconnection between the Body, the Soul and the Spirit
Many of us are affected by how we handle the stress that life brings us. If chronic stress is left unchecked, over a period of time, our bodies will take a toll. A strong faith can help us to cope with the stress that we experience in our life, and can enable the impact of that stress to be less significant. Often, we attempt to cope with this stress through addictions and other methods of escape. This behavior can further exacerbate (加劇) the effect of stress on our physical health. Nevertheless, a strong personal faith can be a resource that helps to manage stress. Therefore, we need to follow the order of faith (spirit)emotions (soul)health (body) to live our life. Our beliefs and attitudes, determined in large degrees by our faith, will play a major role in our thinking patterns. Our day to day thinking will have an impact on our emotions and feelings, and our emotions and feelings will have a major impact on our behaviors and physical health.

Our Spirit Is Our Inner Voice
We can build great wisdom and genius by spending time each day in grateful communion with our inner voice. What better way of creating a more fulfilling life than by mastering the art of tuning into our most inspired and ingenious self, our inner voice? This voice is our guide of all guides to a life of greatness. We cannot attune to this inspiring voice without living a more inspiring life. Genius, creativity, and a silent power emerge from our heart and mind the moment we do. The secret of tuning in to its magnificent messages is having a heart filled with gratitude. When our heart is opened wide with gratitude, our inner voice becomes loud and clear, and our most life messages enter into our mind with ease. If our heart is filled with gratitude, it is almost impossible to stop our inner voice from speaking clearly and profoundly. Many great spiritual revelations and mental attributes are suddenly birthed from within us when our voice on the inside becomes louder than the many voices or opinions on the outside.
The immortal masters of life have been those who have mastered the ability to attune to their great inner voices. Those great beings that mastered this talent left their marks in history. From Christ, who listened to his heavenly Father, to Dante, who listened to Beatrice, to Walt Whitman and many others who listened to their guiding whisper, all have impacted humanity with the immortal expressions of their inner voice. As our voice on the inside grows in clarity and strength so will our inspiration when we listen. Our inner voice will put no limits on our life.

Our Spirit Is Our Inspirations and Intuitions
It is very important for us to follow the inspirations and intuitions of our inner hearts. It is a blessing that no matter what happens, we will eventually learn and unfold our inner spiritual mission, talent, and destiny in our daily life. The inspired beings throughout history learned to follow it. Those who have ignored it have passed by many opportunities it could have provided.

To sum up, we have to learn to achieve our spirit by meditations and listening to our inner voice as much as possible, and then we will improve our soul, our minds, our thoughts, our health and, finally, our body.

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