🆕 EP7 [快訊] (Part 1) 群落系統發育、性狀及性狀演化 - Community phylogenetics 02.2021

你讀paper了嗎?— 關於土壤生態的那些事 (Reading Papers on Soil Biodiversity Together)
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🆕 Google Scholar - Community phylogenetics - 02.2021 (Part 1)

1. 通過系統發育比較方法揭示快速演化的線蟲在農業生境裡占主導地位
Agricultural habitats are dominated by rapidly evolving nematodes revealed through phylogenetic comparative methods

2. 爪子的系統發育信號顯示生態因子對加勒比海潮間帶節肢動物的影響
Testing for phylogenetic signal in claws suggests great influence of ecology on Caribbean intertidal arthropods (Acari, Oribatida)

3. 北美地表甲蟲形態性狀的相關性與系統發育信號
Strong trait correlation and phylogenetic signal in North American ground beetle (Carabidae) morphology

4. 氣候變遷下新熱帶地區隱翅蟲多樣性與系統發育群落組成沿海拔的分布
Diversity and phylogenetic community structure across elevation during climate change in a family of hyperdiverse neotropical beetles (Staphylinidae)

5. 熱帶地區土地利用改變了甲蟲與鳥類基於性狀的群落構建規則
Tropical land-use change alters trait-based community assembly rules for dung beetles and birds

6. 瑞士阿爾卑斯山高海拔鳥類繁殖力及壽命的降低不受系統發育的影響
High elevation bird communities in the Swiss Alps exhibit reduced fecundity and lifespan independently of phylogenetic effects

7. 形態、系統發育與獵物的可獲取性對無尾類群落營養資源分化的影響
The effects of morphology, phylogeny and prey availability on trophic resource partitioning in an anuran community

8. 物種的適應會降低競爭優勢並改變群落構建過程
Adaptation reduces competitive dominance and alters community assembly

9. 以嚴重受災的松樹岩地生態系統顯示系統發育尺度在達爾文歸化謎團中的角色
The role of phylogenetic scale in Darwin's naturalization conundrum in the critically imperilled pine rockland ecosystem

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