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Akeel Sachak is an investment banker in the United Kingdom, working for Rothschild & Co. He’s been with the company since 1985. Over the past 35 years, Akeel has climbed the ranks from junior analyst to Partner and Global Head of Consumer. Over the years, Akeel’s specialty is food and beverage related transactions. He’s helped companies like Coca-Cola, Asahi, and Weetabix through mergers & acquisitions, and strategic and financial advising. He’s had a fulfilling career, made lots of money, and generally been successful in his work. But Akeel’s main passion isn’t his job – it’s his Christian faith. Originally raised in a Muslim family, Akeel came to know Jesus at Oxford University after hearing an evangelist speak. Akeel then met his wife Joy at a church. At first, Akeel was timid about sharing his faith at work. But over time, he’s come to see that his job and beliefs can go hand-in-hand. He’s also realized that it was wrong to gather wealth without sharing it with others. You may not often hear investment banking and Christianity in the same sentence, but Akeel is used to being different than his peers. Growing up, Akeel was typically one of the only people of color in whatever setting he was in. From his boarding school to early days at Rothschild, Akeel was always in the minority. But even when he experienced racism, Akeel learned to work harder and trust in God by not worrying about things outside of his control. Akeel’s biggest challenges have come from balancing his work and family and making sure that he wasn’t investing too much of his time and energy into his career. He’ll share more of how he figured that out, and what he’s learned from the pandemic, on this episode. Feel free to let us know how this story has impacted you! Send us your thoughts or feedback via email or in an audio message Special thanks for this episode: Akeel and Joy Sachak, Mandy Paulse, Josh Batson, Jenn Lazala ______ Inspired by Akeel Sachak’s story and want to learn more on how he’s applied faith at work, check out the following links: Gospel Patrons City Lives ______ Support Faith Collides podcast now on Buy Me A Coffee Or with a review—> Faith Collides podcast is hosted by Grace Huang from Lux Mundi.  More information: --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

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