EP. 9 (Eng.) Intro about Surfing Sisterhood Taiwan (Feat. Daisy and Cindy)

衝浪雙椒 Surfing Sisterhood Taiwan
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Yep, you’ve guessed it. This episode is a quick introduction about Surfing Sisterhood Taiwan and how the show’s main hosts Daisy and Cindy started it all. Daisy and Cindy are elated to announce that they we will begin making podcasts in English. Get ready world because here comes Surfing Sisterhood Taiwan! Lastly, Daisy and Cindy would love to read all your reviews or hear your voice messages on their podcast. ❤️ Surfing Sisterhood Taiwan Instagram: #衝浪雙椒 #SurfingSisterhoodTaiwan #DaisyandCindy #taiwan #sisterhood #surfergirl ———————————————————————————————————— Daisy and Cindy are passionate surfers from Taiwan. With similar background and personality, they became close friends in 2017. Join them to learn about their surf stories, knowledge, surf terms and more! Daisy grew up in the US and Taiwan and is now working in PR & event. Cindy grew up in Israel, Canada, and Taiwan and is now working as freelancer and English teacher. They started surfing regularly since 2017. --- Send in a voice message:

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