*第三季*【EP. 89】#382 經濟學人新聞評論【經濟制裁:美英抗緬、獨裁政府的金源、兩岸關係:劍拔弩張、南方共同市場 (Mercosur)、從 GATT 到 WTO、自由貿易協議】

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🔴Friday March 26th 2021 🔵2021年3月26日星期五 1️⃣US feat. UK v. Myanmar’s military junta 美國 feat. 英國 vs. 緬甸軍政府 America and Britain imposed sanctions on junta-controlled conglomerates in Myanmar, as the country’s army continued to crack down on protests against February’s coup. At least 286 people had been killed in the pro-democracy protests by Wednesday; five more were reportedly killed yesterday. America’s and Britain’s co-ordinated action is intended to drain the armed forces’ finances. 有鑒於緬甸軍政府持續 (血腥) 鎮壓抗議該國於 (今年) 二月政變的示威,美國和英國對緬甸軍政府所控制的企業集團實施制裁。截至 (本) 週三,已有至少 286人在泛民主的抗議場合中被殺害。據報導,昨天又有 5人遇害。美國和英國的協調/聯合舉措旨在枯竭 (緬甸) 軍方的資金/金流。 2️⃣Taiwan v. China: missiles up! 台灣 vs. 中國:飛彈架起來! Taiwan said that it was producing a long-range missile, in a rare admission of efforts to develop the strike capacity of its armed forces. China, which claims Taiwan as part of its territory, has increased activity near the island in recent months. Chiu Kuo-cheng, Taiwan’s defence minister, said that other models of missile were also being developed. 台灣正在生產一種遠程導/飛彈,這是為了提高其武裝力量之打擊能力所做的罕見努力。中國聲稱台灣是其領土的一部分,且最近幾個月在台灣島附近的活動頻繁。台灣的國防部長邱國正表示 (台灣) 亦已著手開發其他型號的導/飛彈。 3️⃣Unhappy birthday: Mercosur turns 30 生日不快樂:南方共同市場成立三十週年 Thirty years ago the presidents of Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay signed the Treaty of Asunción setting up Mercosur, an ambitious effort at a free-trade area and customs union in South America. When their successors get together today they won’t have much to celebrate beyond Mercosur’s survival. Trade within the bloc grew rapidly in the early 1990s, but peaked at 25% of its members’ total trade in 1997. Now that figure is 14%. Because of the pandemic the birthday party will be online. Just as well, perhaps: Brazil’s right-wing president, Jair Bolsonaro, and his left-wing Argentine counterpart, Alberto Fernández, disagree about almost everything. Uruguay wants the flexibility to strike its own trade deals. The big prize for Mercosur is a trade agreement with the European Union reached in 2019. But there is little chance of its being ratified in Europe unless Mr Bolsonaro stops encouraging deforestation in the Amazon. 三十年前,在成立南美洲自貿區與關稅同盟的野心與努力下,阿根廷、巴西、巴拉圭與烏拉圭等四國總統簽署了 ⟪亞松森條約 (Treaty of Asunción)⟫、成立了南方共同市場 (Mercosur)。如今四國總統的繼位者們再度齊聚一堂,但除了這個組織得以存續之外,他們似乎沒有什麼好值得慶祝的。共同市場內的貿易量自 90年代早期快速成長,並在 1997年時達到佔成員國貿易總額 25% 的高峰。但如今,這個數字只剩 14%。由於新冠疫情,但也可能是因為巴西右派總統波索納洛 (Jair Bolsonaro) 與他的阿根廷對手 - 左派總統費南德斯 (Alberto Fernández) - 幾乎對任何事都唱反調,因此這場 (南方共同市場成立三十週年) 生日派對將在線上舉行。烏拉圭則希望向 (南方) 共同市場爭取更多的彈性以簽署其本國 (與他國) 的貿易協議。與歐盟在 2019年時達成之貿易協議無疑是給 Mercosur 的大禮,但在 (巴西總統) 波索納洛不再鼓勵亞馬遜伐林的前提之下,該協議幾乎不可能在歐洲被批准。

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