Kids News #1 兒童雙語新聞|長賜號受困蘇伊士運河、台灣缺水危機

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全新系列【Kids News兒童雙語新聞】 接下來每個月我都會為小朋友做一集兒童雙語新聞,如果你認同也喜歡我的節目,你可以透過小額贊助支持我 --- 《敦煌世界繪本節 第二波 Part 2》 2021/4/17-5/16 敦煌世界繪本節 Part 2! 更多英文繪本接力登場,全面5折,佩佩豬、忙碌鎮、熊貓先生、艾瑞卡爾等知名系列繪本等你帶回家!世界繪本節擁有豐富多元的主題新書及分類,家長們依照年齡或功能,皆可找到最適合孩子的繪本,把握搶購倒數機會!馬上搶購5折英文繪本 #敦煌書局門市及網路同步展售中 加入 Caves Family LINE@,搶先收到繪本節最新資訊: Peppa Pig粉紅豬小妹系列 Busytown忙碌鎮系列 Oi Frog的系列 Hair Love We Want Names too! Daddy Fartypants --- 【本集新聞全文】 1) The container ship, called Ever Given, blocked the Suez Canal for six days. On March 22, strong winds blew Ever Given sideways and it got stuck in the Suez Canal. This caused a traffic jam of more than 200 ships. Large machines and tugboats worked for 6 days to finally free Ever Given on March 29. 2) Taiwan cut home water supply 2 days a week With little rain and no typhoons in 2020, Taiwan is facing the worst drought in 56 years. Many lakes and dams are drying up. People are hoping for the plum rain season to come. Be a good friend of the Earth: 3 Ways to Save Water 1.Take short showers (less than 5 minutes) 2.Put a plastic bottle in your toilet tank 3.Turn off the tap and fill a glass when brushing your teeth --- Sandy采聿老師10幾年來擔任兒童英文雜誌的主編、為小朋友製作好幾百則的英文故事。孩子出生後,五個月大就開始親子共讀,至今不間斷。這幾千個美好的說故事時光,想邀請更多小朋友和家庭一起來分享! Instagram | Facebook | Youtube | 商業合作 |

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