EP. 15 要“說”好英語 - 文法擺一旁!

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從小的教育跟我們說文法的正確度決定了我們的語言程度。但為什麼考試100分並不代表溝通能力100分呢? 到底文法是有助於我們學習,還是成為了一種阻礙呢?

Podcast 中所提到的兩種文法:
A descriptive grammar is a study of a language, its structure, and its rules as they are used in daily life by its speakers from all walks of life, including standard and nonstandard varieties.

A prescriptive grammar, on the other hand, specifies how a language and its grammar rules should be used.
Focus on delivery the message:

Who is your audience? 誰是我們的聽眾
Why are they listening to you? 為什麼要聽我們說話
What is the goal of the conversation? 這個對話的種點是
When do you want to see the result? 時限

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