EP. 33 設立新年新的目標 (Dating?)

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一年又要過了應該有很多人等不及的來將今年送走, 開始一個全新的2021. 那在我們新的一年,不防給自己設立新的目標, Let’s start your new year right.
今天用到了S.M.A.R.T Goal的原則:
SMART goals

  • Specific 具體: Set real numbers with real deadlines.
  • Measurable 可測量的: Make sure your goal is trackable.
  • Attainable 可達成的: Work towards a goal that is challenging, but possible.
  • Realistic 可實現的: Be honest with yourself, you know what you and your team are capable of.
  • Time-bound 有時間限制的: Give yourself a deadline.

**There are some different versions of the methodology.

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