A Life for Liberation

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Shinohara, Ryuu. A Life of Liberation: A Spiritual Guide to Break Limiting Beliefs
and Awakening Your Potential for Enlightenment. Independently published, 2020.

Ryuu Shinohara is the best-selling author, spiritual
teacher, researcher, and father. He has been excelling in the spirituality
field for almost 25 years. He’s also the author of The Magic of Manifesting that expresses his passion and knowledge
of life.
     His inspiration comes from entering a deeper state of awareness of the true reality he is living in, and how much it
influences his life. As a little boy, raised in Ashibetsu, Japan, he was taught
about the Japanese religion and the ancient teachings of Buddha by his family. Through
passions and a curiosity for life, Shinohara moved to Amsterdam where he met his wife and raised a family. He began his
career initially as a therapist and did one-on-one spiritual consulting later.
A Life of Liberation by Shinohara speaks about the connection
between science and spiritual concepts, making us realize that all is one. In
this ever-changing world, Shinohara teaches us that due to a lack of
understanding of the universe, we cannot free ourselves from our ego, and get
rid of the anxiety, depression, and sadness. He claims that when it comes to
experiencing true reality, we find our dreams and create the life we desire.
     Moreover, Shinohara talks about the distinction between Eastern and Western philosophies, and explores the
differences between these two schools of thought. How ego is a false construct
that twists things into negativity and manifests them in life. The spiritual
connection with the mind, the thoughts and patterns provide us with good
insights, and guide us make positive changes to lead the fulfilling lives. He encourages
us to fully embrace our emotions, both positive and negative, and gives them
the space to change the outlook towards life. Then, we can transform our world
in a good way.
      In today’s world, children are born and raised into different cultures with a variety of different belief systems.
Beliefs are ingrained in them by their parents, friends, teachers, and all the
people that surround them daily. The environment that we grew up do influences
the subconscious creation of our own identities. They, indeed, establish some limits
what we can do and we cannot do. Hundreds of millions of people live their
whole lives attached to their identities that do not resonate with their true
inner values and, thus, stop them from living a free life.
Unconsciously, living against the values of our true inner selves is
resisting our spirits’ intentions to prosper in this world. In fact, there
are laws that control our minds and realities in our daily lives just as there are laws of gravity and laws of growth in the universe. It does not matter who we are,
what we look like, where we live, who our parents are, and what ability we
have. Therefore, we have to change how we view the world and how the world
views us. In other words, it is important that we can change our thoughts and
emotions to become the best version of ourselves. Shinohara claims that we all have indispensable
wisdom passed down by our ancestors. We have to discover our true inner selves,
and try our best to free ourselves from depression, anxiety, and social
phobias. We really and actually create our own realities. Everyone has access
to intricate universal connections and knowledge. All we need to do is to learn
how to use it.
In the universe, we have birth, existence, change, aging, illness, destruction, emptiness and
void that we cannot control. However, we are so smart to discover the resources
in the universe. Similarly, in our bodies, we have autonomic nervous systems
that we cannot control. Nevertheless, our brains can create our thinking,
feelings and emotions solely by our own will. Aldous Huxley, the famous British
writer, said, “There is only one corner of the universe you can be certain of
improving, and that’s your own self.” That is, where we
put our intention matters more than anything else we do. This is why some
people manage to travel, even on minimum wage, or do some crazy, uncommon
things because they believe they can do it, and then they really have done it. When
we expand, grow, become more self-aware, and loving, we share the positivity (positive
thinking, good intentions) with everyone we come into contact with. Given this,
we spread positivity back to us, and then we can love ourselves and love the
universe. We are more powerful that we think, and we have the exact power to
create our own reality.

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