詞彙|片語動詞:go about, go off, go against

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Phrasal verb, 片語動詞,是英文口語常見的動詞形式。 FB免費學習社團➡️ IG ➡️ FB ➡️ -------------------------------- 節目中提到的內容: **go about ** 著手做、開始做 What's the best way of going about this? 這件事怎樣做才最好呢? How can we go about solving this problem? 我們怎樣開始來解決這個問題呢? go off  (電燈)熄滅;(機器)停止運轉 The heating has gone off. It's freezing in here! 暖氣停止運轉了。這裡超冷的! The lights went off in several villages because of the storm. 這場暴風雨造成了幾個村莊停電。 (炸彈)爆炸 The bomb went off in a crowded restaurant 炸彈在一個擁擠的餐廳裡爆炸。 (鬧鐘、警鈴)發出聲響 The alarm clock was set to go off at 6 am. 鬧鐘被設定在早上六點響。 go against  對(某人)不利、產生(某人)不想要的結果 The judge's decision went against us. 法官的判決對我們不利。 反對、反抗(某人、某事) He was reluctant to go against his mom's wishes. 他很不想要違背他媽媽的願望 在比賽中對打 The Lakers will be going against the Clippers in tonight's game. 湖人隊今晚會跟快艇隊對打。

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