Kids News #2 兒童雙語新聞|火星直升機起飛、太魯閣號出軌事故

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❤️每月贊助,支持我為孩子繼續創作 5/16前贊助「像大樹一樣高」,可獲得我親自挑選的英文繪本! ❤️烏克麗麗抽獎活動(即日起~2021/5/30日止) --- 【Kids News兒童雙語新聞】本集新聞全文 1) The first news item is about Ingenuity, NASA’s Mars helicopter. It flew! A helicopter flew on Mars! NASA sent a helicopter, called Ingenuity, to Mars. On April 19th, Ingenuity took off and hovered above the Red Planet for 40 seconds. The helicopter took photos and then landed safely. 2) The second news item is about a big train crash in Hualien, Taiwan. On April 2nd, a busy train derailed. How did it happen? A crane truck slid onto the railway track near a tunnel. The busy train hit the crane and derailed in the tunnel. 小朋友,你自己或朋友曾經歷可怕的意外事件嗎?Sandy采聿老師希望你要記得這四件事情: 1) It is okay to feel scared. Even grownups feel scared all the time! 2) It was an accident. It was not your fault. 3) Talk to someone you trust about your fear. It will make you feel better. 4) Most importantly, you are loved! --- 第三屆走鐘獎,一人一票送Sandy采聿老師去走鐘領獎! ▶️點選活動頁面 > 先註冊 > 驗證信箱 ▶️重回活動頁面 > 右上角三條線點開找到「觀眾票選」 ▶️點選「2020好聲音獎」> 可用旁邊搜尋「聽故事學英文」(編號158) 投下去! —- ✅Instagram | ✅Facebook | ✅Youtube | ✅商業合作 |

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