每日英語跟讀 Ep.K124: 台灣鳳梨百寶圖立刻認識常見鳳梨種類

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每日英語跟讀 Ep.K124: Do you know your Taiwanese pineapple varieties? Whether eaten as fruit, used in cooking or made into a dessert, everyone has been eating their fill of pineapple recently. However, do you know which variety of the prickly fruit you have been eating or which variety tops the charts as Taiwan’s most prized export variety? Taipei Agricultural Products Marketing Co has put together a Facebook post to give the public a quick rundown of the most common varieties of pineapple found on these islands. 不論是當水果、入菜還是做成點心,最近大啖了這麼多的鳳梨,你知道你吃的是哪一種嗎?哪一種是外銷之冠呢?台北農產運銷公司在臉書粉專分享台灣鳳梨百寶圖,帶大家一分鐘認識台灣常見鳳梨品種。 ‧ Golden Diamond Pineapple (Tainung No. 17) The fruit has a conical appearance and its flesh is golden yellow, sweet and juicy. The optimum time to taste this fruit is between April and May. The Golden Diamond Pineapple is the most widely produced of Taiwan’s pineapple varieties and wears the crown as the nation’s number one export variety. ‧ 金鑽鳳梨(台農十七號) 果實呈圓塔形,果肉金黃甜美多汁,最佳品嚐時間為四到五月份,是台灣鳳梨產量及外銷之冠。 ‧ Sweet Honey Pineapple (Tainung No. 16) This pineapple is cylindrical in shape. Its flesh has delicate fibers and the taste is extremely sweet. The best time of year to eat this archetypal variety of Taiwanese pineapple is between June and August. ‧ 甜蜜蜜鳳梨(台農十六號) 果實呈圓筒形,果肉纖維細緻,甜度高,最佳品嚐時間為六到八月份,是有主題曲《甜蜜蜜》的鳳梨。 Milky Pineapple (Tainung No. 20) Cylindrical in shape, the Milky Pineapple has a thin rind and its flesh is white in color, fine-fibered and extremely sweet. The best time to sample this variety is between July and September. ‧ 牛奶鳳梨(台農二十號) 果實呈圓筒形,綠皮肉白,纖維細緻,甜度高,適合鮮食,最佳品嚐時間為七到九月份。 ‧ Watermelon Pineapple Commonly referred to as “baijiezai,” it is also known as the “Hulk” of the pineapple world. The harvest season for this variety is between July and September. Its external appearance is fat and cylindrical with a dark green rind and the flesh is delicate and sweet. The Watermelon Pineapple is extremely hefty: three times the weight of a Golden Diamond Pineapple. ‧ 西瓜鳳梨 俗稱白節仔,被稱為鳳梨界浩克,產期七到九月份月,外形飽滿呈圓筒狀,外皮青綠,肉質細緻,甜度高,重量是一般金鑽鳳梨的三倍。 ‧ Mango Pineapple (Tainung No. 23) Short and cylindrical in shape, this variety has soft, yellow-colored flesh made of delicate fibers and a unique mango fragrance. The Mango Pineapple holds up well in storage, giving this variety plenty of export potential. ‧ 芒果鳳梨(台農二十三號) 果實呈短圓筒形,黃色果肉,肉質軟,纖維細,帶有芒果香氣,耐儲運具有外銷潛力。 ‧ Cayenne Pineapple Also known as a “native pineapple” or “traditional pineapple,” the Cayenne Pineapple has a cylindrical appearance, coarsely fibered flesh and a pronounced acidity to its flavor profile. It is chiefly used for canned pineapples and to make pineapple cakes. ‧ 開英種鳳梨 又稱為土鳳梨、傳統鳳梨。外形呈圓筒狀,果肉纖維粗,酸味明顯,為製作鳳梨罐頭及鳳梨酥原料。 ‧ Winter Honey Pineapple (Tainung No. 13 / Sugar Cane Pineapple) Shaped like a cone, the Winter Honey Pineapple has long, straight leaves. Its flesh is golden yellow with slightly coarse fibers and the flavor is intense. This variety is suited to planting during the winter and is known as the “Elsa” of the pineapple world after the character in the Disney movie Frozen. ‧ 冬蜜鳳梨(台農十三號、甘蔗鳳梨) 果實呈圓錐形,葉子長且直,果肉金黃纖維稍粗,鳳梨味濃郁,適合冬天種植,是鳳梨界的艾莎。Source article:

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