EP. 11 (Eng.) Why we as surfers recommend plant-based diet?

衝浪雙椒 Surfing Sisterhood Taiwan
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In this episode, we want to tell you why/ how you should switch to plant-based diet and the many benefits that comes along with, including 1) why plant-based diet helps you excel in surfing and overall health, 2) how to make sure your plant-based meals are healthy by picking the right carbohydrates, and eating whole food, 3) why plant-based diet is better for the ocean and the environment where it also changes your life style in a positive way. The point is, the list of benefit goes on. If you’re still hesitant about plant-based diet jeopardizing your surf performance, we recommend you to follow vegan pro-surfer power couple Alana Blanchard and Jack Freestone for more vegan lifestyle. We’ve also shared tips and experiences in eating vegetarian/ vegan in Taiwan. Lastly, Daisy and Cindy would love to see your review or hear your voice message about their podcast. ❤️ Follow Surfing Sisterhood Taiwan on Instagram: Check these local vegan/ environment related places where you can begin your healthier and happier journey in Taiwan. @oohchacha @taiwanveganfrenzy @veganfuufu @juneisvegan We have friends who’s been vegan/ vegetarian since forever that are also personal trainers to prove that you can be strong by choosing plant-based diet! Follow these beautiful strong ladies from half way across the world @everstrongPT @lindymei Follow vegan pro-surfers Alana and Jack’s YT: @alanarblanchard @jackfreestone #衝浪雙椒 #SurfingSisterhoodTaiwan #DaisyandCindy #taiwansurf #vegan #vegetarian #flexitarian #plantbaseddiet #healthyeating #youarewhatyoueat #goddesscup #surfcompetiton ———————————————————————————————————— Daisy and Cindy are passionate surfers from Taiwan. With similar background and personality, they became close friends in 2017. Join them to learn about their surf stories, knowledge, surf terms and more! Daisy grew up in the US and Taiwan and is now working in PR & event. Cindy grew up in Israel, Canada, and Taiwan and is now working as freelancer and English teacher. They started surfing regularly since 2017. --- Send in a voice message:

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