Lalisa 打 AZ後的 48小時 / Surviving the first 48 hours of the AZ shot - mini series one



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This recording was done on May 7th (2021), 48 hours after Lalisa received her AZ jab on May 5th.

Lalisa knew what she was getting into, but the first 48 hours was an ordeal.

[Day 1]She got her shot after lunch. Medical staff waited for everyone to show up so that the entire vial can be used. After the shot, everyone stayed in the waiting room for 30 minute in case of severe reaction. Nobody had any problem.

The arm area for the shot is sore within 30 minutes. When she leaves the hospital, about one hour after the shot, she feels like throwing up with an upset stomach. By dinner time, headache has kicked in. Around 10pm, the whole body is lethargic with soreness in muscle and joints. By midnight, there is a fever.

[Day 2] Sleep and rest are difficult with headache and soreness in muscles and joints. Conditions persist through the rest of the day with fever and aches. There is no appetite.

[Day 3] All is well. There is slight dizziness and some local soreness.

TUX: Do you regret getting the shot?
Lalisa: No. It was unpleasant but now I am Super-Woman