Harmony Of The Seas (Englush sound) 郵輪- 和諧號- 海洋商機

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Harmony of the Seas is an Oasis-class cruise ship built by STX France at the Chantiers de l'Atlantique shipyard in Saint-NazaireFrance,[citation needed] for Royal Caribbean International. With a gross tonnage of 226,963 GT, she is the second largest passenger ship in the world, larger than her older sisters Oasis of the Seas and Allure of the Seas, but surpassed by her newer sister Symphony of the Seas. In length, however, Harmony of the Seas is the longest cruise ship in the world.


The success of the first two Oasis-class ships led Royal Caribbean Cruises to order a third ship of the type in December 2012.Harmony of the Seas is named after the Harmony module on the International Space Station. The vessel was floated out on 19 June 2015, began her first sea trials on 10 March 2016,and was delivered to Royal Caribbean on 12 May 2016.After a construction time of 32 months, the ship first set sail on 15 May 2016 from the STX France docks in Saint-Nazaire, viewed by some 70,000 people. Her first destination was Southampton, England, although her home port was Barcelona until 23 October 2016 when she crossed the Atlantic.
Harmony of the Seas took two short "preview cruises", three nights to Cherbourg and four nights to Rotterdam, after reaching port in Southampton on 17 May. During these voyages, passengers complained of ongoing construction, a lack of hot water, unopened attractions, excessive waits at restaurants, and other issues.The ship's maiden voyage departed from Southampton on 29 May and arrived at its summer home port of Barcelona on 5 June. According to passengers on this cruise, construction had finished and the ship was ready to sail.For the inaugural season, Harmony of the Seas offered seven-night western Mediterranean cruises originating from Barcelona and Civitavecchia.
On 10 November 2016, the vessel was officially christened by her godmother, Miami-Dade County teacher Brittany Affolter.

前兩艘綠洲級船舶的成功導致皇家加勒比游輪在2012年12月訂購了第三艘此類船舶。 海洋和諧號以國際空間站上的和諧艙命名。該船於2015年6月19日浮出水面,2016年3月10日開始首次海上試航,2016年5月12日交付皇家加勒比。 經過32個月的建造時間后,該船於2016年5月15日從聖納澤爾的STX法國碼頭首次啟航,約有70,000人觀看。 她的第一個目的地是英國南安普敦,雖然她的家鄉是巴塞羅那,直到2016年10月23日她橫渡大西洋。 
5月17日抵達南安普敦港口後,「海洋和諧號」進行了兩次短暫的「預覽游」,三晚到瑟堡,四晚到鹿特丹。 在這些航程中,乘客抱怨正在進行的建設、缺乏熱水、未開放的景點、餐廳的過度等待以及其他問題。 該船的處女航於5月29日從南安普敦出發,於6月5日抵達其夏季母港巴塞羅那。據這次巡航的乘客說,施工已經完成,船已經做好了航行的準備。 在首季,海洋和諧號提供七晚西地中海游輪,從巴塞羅那奇維塔韋基亞出發。