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The same is the M1 processor, should you choose MacBook Pro or MacBook Air?

(Price unit is Taiwan currency)

The performance and power consumption of the M1 chip introduced by Apple has indeed been well received by the market, and the price is much cheaper than in the past. The previous generation of the MacBook Pro 13, which is also positioned as an entry point, starts at 42,900 yuan. Now the M1 chip version has 8GB memory. The 256GB SSD is priced at 39,900 yuan, and the price difference is quite large. It attracts more people who want to change the machine.

One of the biggest problems should be the software compatibility part. Although Apple stated in the announcement of M1 that Google, Microsoft, Adobe...etc. have begun to develop applications for the M1 version. Currently, Microsoft Office 365 for Mac, Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom... etc. all have native M1 versions. But after all, most software in the past supported the development of the x86 architecture, so it could not directly operate under the Arm architecture. Although Apple has a built-in compiler "Rosetta 2" in MacOS Big Sur, which can convert x86 instruction applications, let the M1 version of the computer directly Applications that run x86 code, but so far, not every software and application can be used. If you want to purchase the M1 version of the model, you may wish to go to "Is Apple Silicon ready" and "Does it ARM" Website to check whether commonly used software can be executed under the M1 chip

Should I choose MacBook Pro or MacBook Air?

The newly-launched MacBook Pro 13 and MacBook Air are both equipped with M1 chips, the specifications are similar, but there is a price difference of 9,000 yuan compared with the entry model. The two are actually different in M1 chip, screen, keyboard, battery life, and appearance. Sex.




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As for the choice of MacBook Pro 13 and MacBook Air, it should correspond to the usual usage needs. If the price is considered, the good performance of MacBook Air brings a cost-effective choice; if there is a large demand for high-performance computing, such as For retouching or editing, you can choose the MacBook Pro 13 with a fan design

同樣是 M1處理器,你該選擇 MacBook Pro 還是 MacBook Air?

(價錢單位為 台灣貨幣)

Apple 推出的M1晶片在效能和功耗表現,確實獲得市場好評,且價格比過去便宜許多,前一代同樣入門定位的 MacBook Pro 13,售價就要42,900元起跳,現在M1晶片版,為8GB記憶體加256GB SSD,售價39,900元,價差相當大,吸引更多人想要換機,但畢竟是全新架構的 MacBook,準備採買前還是充滿些疑惑。

其中最大問題該是軟體相容部分。雖然 Apple 在M1發表時表示,Google、微軟、Adobe…等,已著手開發適用於M1版本的應用程式,目前微軟 Office 365 for Mac、Adobe Photoshop、Lightroom…等,都有原生M1版本。但畢竟過去大多數軟體都是支援x86架構開發,因此無法直接在 Arm 架構下運作,雖然 Apple 在 MacOS Big Sur 內建編譯器「Rosetta 2」,能夠轉換x86指令應用程式,讓M1版的電腦直接執行x86程式碼的應用程式,但至目前為止,也並非每款軟體及應用程式都可使用,想要購買M1版的機型前,不妨先至「Is Apple Silicon ready」及「Does it ARM」網站,查詢常用的軟體是否已可在M1晶片下執行

該選擇MacBook Pro還是MacBook Air?
新推出的 MacBook Pro 13跟 MacBook Air 都是搭載M1晶片,規格相當,但以入門款來比就有9,000元價差,兩者在M1晶片、螢幕、鍵盤、續航力、外型上,其實還是有差異性。

至於 MacBook Pro 13跟 MacBook Air 的選擇,則要對應到平時的使用需求,如果以價格為考量,MacBook Air 不俗的效能表現,帶來高性價比的選擇;若是有大量高效能運算的需求,如修圖或剪片,則可以選擇具有風扇設計的 MacBook Pro 13

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