15mins Live Podcast直播 - 不能說的NG職場英文 Don't say that at work

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Hello通勤家族,歡迎收聽15mins Live Podcast直播,在這個新單元可以聽到直播過程中,我的主題分享以及聽眾互動。在這個單元我會用中英文與大家互動,也會跟直播聽眾做當場的 Q and A,幫助解惑與點出學英語的技巧。 我這一集分享的的主題是,不能說的NG職場英文,shownotes裡有簡易大綱給你參考,有任何相關意見或點子,歡迎寫信到。 簡易大綱 1. 台灣職場文化與外國/外商職場文化大不同 揣摩上司意思 Vs. 就事論事 追求群體同步 Vs. 個人主義 權力集中 Vs. 權力下放 2. NG Email 寫法 先解釋來龍去脈,再寫重點 內部(同事之間) email寫法與外部(對客戶)email不分 3. NG日常互動 不主動打招呼 不接受同事/長官的稱讚 4. NGPresentation 每張ppt都滿滿的字(講者直接念出ppt上的文字) 簡報時用詞太直接 e.g. We didn’t meet the sales target in June Vs. We are just short of reaching the sales target in June. 5. 加分英文與例句 打招呼的回應So so / nothing much 換成 I am doing good/ Things are going well / I had a lovely weekend with the family. 請求幫助 I want/I need… 換成 I would like to… / Would you please… I don’t know / Not sure 換成 Can I get back to you on that? Let me get the data for you after this meeting. 聽不懂時,Could you say that again? 換成 Do you mean…? / Would you like me to…? ASAP換成 at your earliest convenience / byFriday afternoon 2pm.

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