*第三季*【EP. 50】#322 經濟學人新聞評論【拜登的就職典禮、美國國民兵、烏干達、非洲政治、民主制度、三星集團、南韓財閥、李在鎔、朴槿惠、閨密門事件 (崔順實干政醜聞)】

每日一經濟學人 LEON x The Economist
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🔴Monday January 18th 2021 🔵2021年1月18日星期一 1️⃣Biden’s inauguration: something you don’t see everyday! 拜登的就職典禮:有難得一見之景! Troops from the National Guard are on standby in at least 19 American states in anticipation of protests in support of President Donald Trump. State officials are determined to prevent a repeat of the attack on the Capitol in Washington, DC, on January 6th. Armed forces have set up a heavily protected “green zone” in the capital, where 25,000 troops are expected ahead of Wednesday’s presidential inauguration. 為因應預期的挺川示威/抗議,國民兵在美國至少 19個州當中待命。各州官員們決心防堵類似於 (今年) 1月6日在首都華盛頓特區所發生的國會山莊突襲/暴力事件重演。美國軍方為確保週三的總統就職典禮 (順利),在 (首都) 華府特區進駐了 25,000人的兵力以建立一個受嚴格保護的安全區 (green zone)。 2️⃣ Politics in Uganda: same old dictator… 烏干達政治:還是那個獨裁者… Bobi Wine, a Ugandan presidential candidate, promised to challenge the result of Thursday’s election, which he called a “complete fraud”. The electoral commission declared Yoweri Museveni the winner on Saturday. Uganda’s internet was switched off the day before the vote, and Mr Wine has been repeatedly harassed by security forces. Mr Museveni, who has been in power since 1986, insists that he won his sixth term legitimately. 烏干達 (Uganda,位於東非) 總統候選人波比韋恩 (Bobi Wine) 允諾將挑戰該國於 (上) 週四的總統大選結果,他稱該選舉“完全是欺詐”。烏干達選舉委員會於 (上) 週六宣佈 (現任的) 穆塞維尼 (Yoweri Museveni) 為獲勝者。在投票的前一天,烏干達 (當局) 關閉了該國的網路,而 (反對派候選人) Bobi Wine 一再受到 (該國) 維安部隊的騷擾。自 1986年以來一直執政的穆塞維尼堅持地認為他合法贏得了第六屆的任期。 3️⃣One down, one to go: the trials of Lee Jae-yong 舊案沒去,新罪已來:審判三星李在鎔 A court in Seoul today delivers the final verdict in a corruption case involving Samsung’s boss. In 2017 Lee Jae-yong was convicted of bribing Park Geun-hye, an ex-president of South Korea whose 20-year prison sentence for corruption was upheld by the Supreme Court last week, and her confidante. Prosecutors allege Mr Lee paid millions of dollars in bribes to ensure government support for cementing the founding family’s control over Samsung. He spent almost a year in prison before an appeals court overturned part of the verdict (he has never admitted wrongdoing but has lately voiced regret for his dealings with Ms Park). Prosecutors have asked that Mr Lee be returned to prison for nine years. Separately, he stands accused of manipulating stock prices to facilitate a merger (again, he denies wrongdoing). That trial, delayed by the pandemic, is expected to begin this year. Even if he walks free today, Mr Lee’s legal troubles are not behind him. 首爾 (Seoul,南韓首都) 一法院對三星集團 (Samsung) 的老闆所涉及的貪污案做出了最終的判決。在 2017年,李在鎔因向前南韓總統朴槿惠 (其因受賄而被判處的二十年刑期在上週已由南韓最高法院定讞) 及其親信 (崔順實) 行賄而被定罪。檢察官指控李在鎔支付了數百萬元的賄款以確保政府支持 (李在鎔的) 創始家族龔固對三星的掌控。在上訴法院推翻部分判決前,李在鎔已經在監獄渡過了將近一年的時間 (雖然他始終否認罪行,但近來曾聲稱後悔與朴槿惠往來),而在今天,檢察官要求他必須回到監獄繼續服刑 9年。此外,李在鎔目前亦遭指控操縱股價以促進一合併案的進行 (再次,他否認有不法行為)。由於新冠疫情而推遲的審判預計於今年開始。即使李在鎔今天可以自由地行動,但仍無法將法律上的麻煩置之腦後。

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