*第三季*【EP. 62】#340 經濟學人新聞評論【川普的彈劾案、言論自由 vs. 煽動鼓舞、美國憲法、日本疫情、東京奧運、日本的都道府縣、瑞士與歐盟、瑞士證券交易 feat. 英國倫敦證交所、與歐盟的「貨貿」和「服貿」、金融服務】

每日一經濟學人 LEON x The Economist
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🔴Wednesday February 3rd 2021 🔵2021年2月3日星期三 1️⃣Trump’s legal team: it was free speech, not incitement! 川普的法律團隊:他是在行使言論自由,不是在煽動! Donald Trump’s legal team and the Democrats in the House of Representatives prosecuting him in next week’s impeachment trial have filed briefs with the Senate. Democrats argue that Mr Trump whipped supporters “into a frenzy” on January 6th, “aimed them straight at the Capitol” and told them to “show strength”. Mr Trump denies the charge; his attorneys will argue that he engaged in free speech protected by the constitution. 前美國總統川普的法律團隊以及眾議院的民主黨人為了下週的彈劾案 (之審理/起訴) 已分別向參議院提交了簡報。民主黨人稱川普於 (今年) 1月6日將其支持者煽動“成一群瘋子”,並“要他們對準國會山莊”來“展現他們的力量”。川普否認這一系列的指控;他的律師辯稱:川普當時是在行使 (美國) 憲法所保障的言論自由。 2️⃣2021 Tokyo Olympic Games: you sure it’s happening? 今年的東京奧運:真的要辦?真的能辦? Japan extended the state of emergency in Tokyo, Osaka and eight other prefectures, due to end on Sunday, until March 7th. The country recorded a record 119 deaths from covid-19 yesterday. The month-long extension casts further doubt on this year’s Olympic games, which are due to begin in Tokyo on July 23rd. 日本 (政府) 延長了東京、大阪以及其他八個縣的緊急狀態。本該於週日 (2月7日) 結束的緊急狀態被延長到了 3月7日。日本昨天 (單日) 因新冠病毒而死亡的病例數為 119人。(緊急狀態) 為期一個月的延期使人們對今年東京奧運之舉辦產生了進一步的懷疑,而今年的東奧將於 7月23日開幕。 3️⃣Odd countries out: Swiss shares in London 特立獨行:瑞士證券交易 feat. 英國倫敦證交所 Switzerland has long had a strained relationship with its neighbour on all sides, the European Union. Guarding its independence jealously, it is largely part of the single market for goods, but not services. Now it has a fellow traveller in Britain, whose Brexit deal left its hefty financial sector’s relationship with the EU mostly unresolved. This week the two countries deepen their ties. Shares in Swiss companies will soon be traded on British exchanges. This partially reverses a Swiss decision in July 2019 to pull out of EU stock exchanges—which, at the time, included London’s—after Brussels pulled its own shares off Switzerland’s. Before it withdrew, Swiss shares accounted for £1.2bn ($1.6bn) in daily trades, so the deal should help London’s exchanges increase their volumes. But that will hardly compensate for the £5.7bn in European share-trading lost each day by British exchanges since the Brexit transition period came to an end. 長期以來,瑞士與其所有鄰國 (即歐盟) 的關係 (頗為) 緊張。瑞士小家子氣地捍衛其獨立性,而該國在很大程度上是 (與歐盟)「貨物/商品」單一市場的一部分,但並不是「服務」單一市場的一環。現在瑞士多了一個好夥伴:近期正式退出了歐盟的英國。英國脫歐後與歐盟所簽訂之協議並沒有太過著墨於英國引以為傲的金融產業。瑞士和英國兩國在本週加深了聯繫,而瑞士公司的股票很快將在英國的交易所中上市。這部分推翻了瑞士在 2019年7月退出歐盟的證券交易所之決定 (當時包含了倫敦證交所在內),而布魯塞爾 (即歐盟) 亦在當時退出了其上市公司在瑞士所發行之股票。在 (瑞士) 撤回其於歐陸證交所之交易以前,瑞士股票在日常的交易量佔 12億英鎊 (約合 16億美元),因此這筆交易應該有助於倫敦證交所的交易量。然而,自英國脫歐的過渡期結束以後,這也無法彌補英國證交所損失每天與歐洲股市 57億英鎊之交易量。

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